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which valve separates the RA and RV

tricuspid valve

which valve separates the LA and LV


function of nucleolus

synthesizes ribosomal RNA (rRNA)

function of ribosomes

site of protein translation

ductus venosus

shunts blood away from fetal liver (directly to IVC)

foramen ovale

diverts blood away from pulmonary arteries (directly from R to L atrium)

ductus arteriosus

shunts blood directly from the pulmonary artery into the aorta

tidal volume

normal amount of air inhaled


responsible for digestion

jejunum and ileum

responsible for absorption

where does glycolysis occur


where does fermentation occure


where does pyruvate get converted to Acetyl CoA

mitochondrial matrix

where is the citric acid cycle

mitochondrial matrix

where is the ETC

inter mitochondrial membrane

order of embryonic stages

zygote, morula, blastula, gastrula, neurula


hair, nails, eyes, nervous system (brain)


linnings of resp. and digestive tracts,


skeletal system, circ. system, excretory system, connective tissue

glucagon does what

increases blood glucose levels

peptide vs. steroid hormones

peptide hormones bind to receptors and steroid hormones enter the cell


coding sequence


non-coding sequence

where does resp occur in bacterial cell

cellular membrane

resting neuron - where is Na and K

Na+ is higher on the outside and K+ is higher on the inside (watch this online)

where does protein digestion begin


where does lipid digestion begin

small intestine

possible products of fermentation

ethanol and lactic acid


a proton or neutron

direction of current =

direction of positive ions

impulse J =

Forcetime (Ft)

focal length f =


density (p) =


pressure (P) =


intensity (I) =


bronsted lowry acid

a species that donates protons

bronsted lowry base

a species that accepts protons

A + X ---> AX


AX ---> A + X


AX + B ---> BX + A

single displacement

AX + BY ---> AY + BX

double displacement

a positive delta H corresponds to

an endothermic reaction


measure of randomness of a system. ex. gas has a higher entropy than liquid

FC =

Ve - (1/2 N bonding + N nonbonding)

the higher the Ecell, the...

more likely to be reduced

the lower the Ecell, the....

more likely to get oxidized

Ecell =

Ereduction - E oxidation

determine number of poss. stereoisomers in a moleclue

2^n n=chiral carbons

lewis acid

electron pair acceptor

lewis base

electron pair donator

formula for carbohydrate


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