30 terms

Review Unit 2: Canada & USA

Rolling grasslands like the Great Plains
Cultural diffusion
spread of an idea from place to place like hockey
global warming
phenomenon that is leading to changing weather pattenrs
Canada's law-making body, similar to Congress
NAFTA's purpose
removes most barriers to trade
Urban sprawl
spread of human settlements from rural to city areas
Melting of Polar ice caps would cause
flooding especially for areas like Florida
Mexico, Canada, USA
NAFTA's three member countries
USA's oil production vs. usage
uses 3 times more than it produces
USA spends this on imports vs. exports
USA spends more on exports than it earns from imports (or trade deficit)
World's largest economy
Major ethnic group in Quebec, Canada
Canadian province with largest population
Trade surplus
Country earns more from exports than what is spent on imports
Second largest trading partner of the USA
Money available after all business expenses are paid
A self-governing territory in Canada;
it's homeland to the Inuit
Fastest growing ethnic group in the USA
Two key groups in free market economy
Business owners and consumers
(Supply and Demand)
How are prices and wages determined in a free market economy?
Supply and Demand
Health Care for all Citizens
Canada's governments provide this
After 9/11 attack, first country USA sent troops to:
French & English
Countries that colonized Canada
NW Canadian province known for timber & minerals
British Colombia
St. Lawrence Seaway and Locks
Modified river system connects Great Lakes to Atlantic to benefit trade and development
Land bridge from Asia to N. America
Hunter Gatherers followed game across this
Following 9/11 attacks Canada & USA did this
Increased security on their borders
USA addresses Global Warming by...
Funding research for better energy sources
Canada banned fishing on the Grand Banks because of
Free Market Economy lets people do this:
Buy, sell, produce with limited government involvement