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Scientific Revolution

the Scientific Revolution.
The series of events that led to the birth of modern science is called
observations, facts, theories
Which of the following best describes the method of gaining scientific knowledge?
develop a new theory.
If repeated experiments show that a theory is incorrect, a scientist would most likely
the use of observation and logic.
Ancient Greek thinkers emphasized
other scientists can use what has been previously learned.
Careful and detailed recording of information is important in science because
The laws explained how the physical world worked.
Why were Newton's laws important to modern science?
a telescope
What did Galileo use to study astronomy?
Reason and science supported democratic ideas.
Which of the following best describes how science influenced ideas about government?
making observations and conducting experiments.
Reason and science supported democratic ideas.
Scientists questioned traditional beliefs about the universe.
Which statement about the Scientific Revolution in Europe is accurate?
The scientific method was used to solve problems
Which statement best describes the effects of the works of Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and Descartes?
emphasized the value of human reasoning
One similarity of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment is that both