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  1. impetuous
  2. transitory
  3. venality
  4. staunch
  5. extenuate
  1. a susceptibility to bribery or corruption
  2. b make (guilt or an offense) seem less serious or more forgivable
  3. c temporary
  4. d rash, impulsive
  5. e firm and dependable especially in loyalty

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  1. deceitful and untrustworthy
  2. secretiveness
  3. false
  4. shrewdness, soundness of perspective, wisdom
  5. a privilege that goes along with a job; a "perk"

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  1. petulantchildishly sulky or bad-tempered


  2. plianta strong liking


  3. assiduoussubject to whims or passing fancies; given to sudden unaccountable changes of mood and behavior


  4. unequivocalleaving no doubt; unambiguous


  5. rancorousshowing deep-seated resentment or bitterness