anglo-saxon scavenger hunt

42 terms by suasoccer2

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the religion of the celts was called this, from the latin word for spirit

archbishop of canterbury

name of the leader of the church of england


the norse god of weather, thunder, and lightning

christian and anglo-saxon

the epic poem beowulf combines these two religions

alfred the great

king alfred of wessex was also called...

william duke of normandy

this person landed his boats in england in 1066


"thursday" originates from the god...


vivid compound words used by the anglo-saxons


anglo-saxon poets sand to the accompanyment of the...

sutton hoo

an important archeological site contained treasures such as swords, rings, and shields


principal works of this time were written in this language


rhythmical pause in a line of poetry


england took its name from this group of people


a skilled storyteller and entertainer


important anglo-saxon scholar who wrote "the Ecclesiastical History of the English Church and people"


he was one of the most heroic celtic leaders


the religion of the anglo-saxons was related to the what mythology

3 and a half

the stones in the Stonehenge are how many feet high


Beowulf's people from Jutland


an important figure in anglo-saxon literature that is often portrayed as a protector of treasure


in england most anglo-saxons lived in...

communal court

homesteads were surrounded by a...

wooden fence

homesteads and communal court were surrounded by...


priests in celtic religion


refers to the language of the people

bravery, generosity, loyalty, friendship

four ethical virtues of anglo-saxons


strongholds of Christianity


by this year Roman troops had left Britain

St. Augustine

the most important missionary to Britain

55 BC

in this year Julius Caesar invaded Britain


once thought to be the author of "The Seafarer"


old english poetics are more like what type of system

The Great Mother

a figure associated with nature who was important in the old celtic religion


in what century was the Book of Kells produced

King Alfred

he helped Old English gain respect as a language of culture

400 AD

Beowulf was probably written down in this year


this place helped to preserve older literary traditions in early England


fame and success are achieved through this virtue


an outstanding feature of Anglo-Saxon poetry


Norse god of death, poetry, and magic

traditional and inventive

the poetry of oral epic is a combination of what two elements


Viking invasions began in Britain

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