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Reported on the hazardous conditions in factories and cities during the Progressive era


A ___ is an election in which citizens vote to select nominees for upcoming elections

direct primary

The ____ blended ideas from German socialism and American Progressivism for building a better society.

social gospel

In the late 1800s, ____ photographed tenement buildings in which the urban poor lived.

Jacob Riis

The _____ allowed citizens to approve or reject laws passed by a legislature.


_____ was a leading figure in the settlement house movement.

Jane Addams

What social problem did Upton Sinclair's novel "The Jungle" describe?

the living and working conditions in Chicago's stockyards

Which reform resulted from the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory?

workers' compensation laws

Many Progressive reformers targeted city officials who built corrupt organizations called..

political machines

Industrial workers often labored...

with unsafe machinery

The campaign to promote the practice of never drinking alcohol

temperance movement

formed the Women's Trade Union League to push for laws that would benefit women working in factories

Florence Kelley

identified products made under healthful working conditions and encouraged women to buy these products


The right to vote


founded the national women's party, which used public protest marches to demand the right to vote

Alice Paul

stated that the right to vote "shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex"

Nineteenth Amendment

Which reform did the Nineteenth Amendment enact?

women's suffrage

Which woman founded the Nation Association of Colored Women to help African American families and those who are less fortunate

Ida B. Wells

The NWP and the NAWSA primarily different in their..


The 1903 Muller v. Oregon decision upheld

limited work hours for women

Niagara Movement

a meeting that was formed to denounce rights for blacks

Urban League

a network of churches that set up to help blacks get settled into cities


a group that made loans and provided assistance for Mexican Americans

Which event led to the formation of the NAACP

the 1908 Springfield riot

Which group formed the Anti-Defamation League to defend itself against verbal attacks and false statements?

Jewish Americans

A 1913 California law forced Japanese Americans to..

sell their land

T/F; Theodore Roosevelt became President of the United States when William McKinley was assassinated?


T/F; President Theodore Roosevelt promoted a program called the Square Deal to protect the interests of small business owners and the poor.


T/F; The Pure Food and Drug Act required federal inspection of meat-processing plants.

False; Meeting Inspection Act

T/F; The work of naturalist John Muir led Congress to establish Yosemite National Park in 1890.


T/F; In the 192 presidential election, Theodore Roosevelt ran as the candidate of the New Nationalism Party.

False; Progressive Party

T/F; The Hepburn Act gave the government the authority to set and limit shipping costs.


Theodore Roosevelt supported powerful corporations that...

did business fairly

The concept of "rational use" suggested that...

forests be preserved for public use

The National Reclamation Act directly affected the management of which natural resource?


Under President William Howard Taft, the federal government...

brought lawsuits against many corporations

set out President Woodrow Wilson's plan for government in the United States

New Freedom

gave Congress the power to create an income tax.

Sixteenth Amendment

placed national banks under the control of central authority

Federal Reserve Act

established to monitor business practices that might lead to monopoly


spelled out activities in which businesses could not engage

Clayton Antitrust Act

sent federal troops to break up the miner's strike in Ludlow

Woodrow Wilson

Which party did Woodrow Wilson represent in the 1912 presidential election?

the Democratic Party

Wilson tried to protect workers by..

lowering import tariffs

Why did the United States banking system need to be reformed in the early 1900s

The nation had no central authority to supervise banks

President Wilson pushed for the passage of the Adamson Act to...

prevent a nationwide railroad strike

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