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A cumulative set including topics covered in lectures and the text.

Most important to your survival

Interpersonal relationships

Psychology is...

The science of behavior and mental processes

The field that develops occupational tests and measurements is...


Psychology focuses on...

All levels and systems

Thoughts, feelings, memories and choices...

Can be studied with scientific rigor

Which is true of all levels and systems?

The body's internal chemical events and the behavior of the individual affect each other

According to the levels and systems view...

Events on the world level can affect an individual's internal neurochemistry , and and individual's internal neurochemistry can affect world history.

Change and development are typically...


Change and development are like


Language, food, clothing, religion, family...

Are different all around the world

The first living cells were..


The purpose of sexual reproduction is to

Increase variation

"Past could have been different, the future has many possibilities"

Alternatives and choices

Sometimes males do risky things to show off-things that might be deadly-an example of

Sexual Selection

Culture is

A group's way of solving a problem

The electrical activity of a neuron

Comes from chemical processes

An individual Neuron

either fires or remains at rest

Neurons communicate


The most important cortical difference is

Front vs. back

According to Hamilton______is the sum of classical fitness plus the effects the individual's actions have on the reproductive success of his or her genetic relatives, weighted by the degree of genetic relatedness.

Inclusive fitness

The common ancestor of all modern humans can be traced back to____

120-150 thousand years ago

Which of the following is the theory of human origins which has received much support from archeological evidence, though recent genetic evidence has refuted its exclusivity as a full explanation?

Out of Africa

Which of the following theories is the only known scientific theories that can explain adaptions?

Evolution by natural selection

Adaptions initially start as

Genetic mutations

As predicted from an evolutionary perspective, a study by Flinn and colleagues documented that children living with a stepparent have ____ levels of ____ than children living with biological parents

Higher; Cortisol

The antimicrobial hypothesis predicts that

Individuals will spice foods more in hotter climates

Pregnancy sickness is an adaption for

avoiding toxins that could harm the developing baby

Elevated testosterone early in life can _____ in later life

Have detrimental effects

Selection acts more strongly on men than on women because

men have a greater variability in reproduction

Women's olfactory acuity peaks

At or before ovulation

Multiple studies have now demonstrated than women who have high access to their own resources tend to place MORE emphasis on _____ than women with low access to resources do

A mate's financial prospects

Which of the following cues appears to be the key factor in our incest-avoidence mechanisms?

Cor-residence during childhood

Despite average changes in weight over the past thirty years, Singh found that ___ did not change (as reflected in the centerfolds of women's magazines)

Waist to hip ratio

Men who are in relationships and willing to have an affair tend to have ___ testosterone than men unwilling to have an affair, which supports the idea that testosterone is associated with _____ in men

higher; mating effort

Men in the later stages of relationships have __ testosterone than men in the early stages of a relationship. When divorced men remarry they experience a ____ in testosterone

Lower; drop

Women tend to derogate other women's _____ especially during the ____ phase of their cycle

Physical appearance; fertile

Men's ratings of women's attractiveness _____ following short term casual sex, and women's ratings of men's attractiveness _____ following short term casual sex

decrease; increase

Mated women are _____ to have an orgasm with their extra pair partner than/as they are with their long term partner


Infanticide rates are highest among

unmarried women

Women are elephants, men are

frogs and/or elephants

which factor is even more important than XX/XY


Men and women

begin life with the same basic body plan

The best contemporary treatments for sexual dysfunction

Education and communication training

Men have ___ phases of sexual responding and women have four


The answer is C


Whether one is heterosexual or homosexual is determined

by hormones before you are born

After you are born

Society tells you what it means to be a man or woman

Homosexual behavior

In some societies is an essential part of masculinity

Which masters Degree is the most versatile, accessible, and licensable everywhere?

Master of Social Work

Which program will pay for you to go to school?

PhD from a university

Which program typically prepares you for research, teaching, and clinical practice?

PhD clinical psychology

Treatment of mood disorder with talking therapy such as individual counseling

works well with disorders in the mild to moderate range

Causes of mood Disorder

Genetics, in utero exposure, family experience, peer experiences

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Is an important treatment for severe mood disorders

Are personality disorders treatable

Some forms are treatable with talking therapy

Left untreated, most mental disorders

will eventually improve

The difference between psychiatrists and shaman

Both have a spiritual belief system, but the psychiatrist also has science

Socialization, exercise, sleep, sunlight, dark, hugs,

Needs from our evolutionary heritage

Benefits of martial arts training for kids

Socialization and exercise

Mechanisms of benefit to kids in martial art training

Group process, individual behavior management

The entire cognitive system, according to an evolutionary psychological perspective, is

A complex collection of interrelated domain-specific information-processing devises

A computational theory

Specifies what a problem is and why there is a device to solve it

Linda wears tie-dyed shirts and buttons asserting that men are slime... this is an example of

Conjunction fallacy

Ecological Structure is

the set of statistical regularities of the human environment throughout our evolutionary history

The frequentist hypothesis states that

some human reasoning mechanisms are designed to take as input frequency information and produce as output frequency information

Tests of the frequentist hypothesis reveal that performance on the above problem (called the medical diagnosis problem) follows which pattern from worst to best

medical diagnosis problem, frequency information, visual information

Chompskey and Gould argue that language is

A by product of our large brain

Which of the following hypotheses proposes that language evolved via sexual selection?

Scheherazade hypothesis

Once language evolved,

Selection would not have limited language to its original function

The deadly inovations hypothesis proposes all of the following forces except

founder effects

one study found that each additional IQ point is associated with a

reduction in relative risk of death

Self handicapping is the

none of the above

Embarrassment evolved

to promote appeasement and submission

A key insight gleaned from evolutionary developmental psychology is

all of the above

Reactive heritability refers to

evolved psychological mechanisms designed to take as input one's heritable qualities as a guide to stratigic solutions

People who are high on the K-factor exhibit

Early attachment to their biological father

Evolved mechanisms can fail in all but the following ways?

Deactivation failure

Evoked culture refers to

Phenomena that are triggered in some groups more than others because of differing environmental conditions

The commitment skepticism bias, descent illusion, and auditory looming bias imply that humans

adaptively rational

Natural selection appears to be_______ early in life

especially strong

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