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While progressivism has many meanings it tended to be based on the central assumption

that American society was capable of improvement

At the turn of the twentieth century, progressive activists

were "antimonopoly" and feared concentrated power

The term "muckrakers" referred to


At the turn of the twentieth century, Lincoln Steffens wrote extensively of the need to reform

urban political organizations

In 1904, Ida Tarbell published a highly critical study on

urban "boss rule."

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the "Social Gospel" was

an effort to make religious faith a tool of social reform

At the turn of the twentieth century, the leaders of the settlement house movement

directed their attention at the living conditions in cities

At the turn of the twentieth century, leaders in the settlement house movement tended to be


The settlement house movement of the early twentieth century helped spawn the profession of

social work

In his 1899 book, A Theory of the Leisure Class, Thorstein Veblen argued

modern cities should rely on a handful of experts to solve their social problems

In regards to organizing the professions during the progressive era

by World War I, all states had established professional bar associations

In 1901, one of the first professions to organize on a national level was in the field of


In regards to women and the professions during the progressive era

social work was generally thought to be an appropriate career for women

The most distinctive quality of women in professions during the progressive era was

they were concentrated in the "helping" professions

During the progressive era, the "new woman" was a product of

all of the above

The term "Boston marriage" refers to

two women who lived together

In regards to divorce in the United States during the progressive era,

more than ten percent of all marriages ended in divorce.

During the progressive era, the women's club movement

had a national organization to coordinate club activities

During the progressive era, clubs for African American women

frequently embraced controversial issues

During the progressive era, clubwomen generally

both A and B

During the progressive era, the woman suffrage movement

became the single largest reform movement of the early twentieth century

During the progressive era, supporters of woman suffrage argued that female voters

deserved the vote because of their unique traits as women

During the progressive era, significant voting rights for women were first won in

Far West

In the year prior to the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment

both A and B

In 1916, Alice Paul and the National Women's Party

neither A nor B

Prior to the adoption of the secret ballot, voter ballots were printed and distributed by

the political parties themselves

During the progressive era, one of the first targets for political reformers was

municipal governments

During the progressive era, opponents of political reform included many members of all of the following EXCEPT

the middle-class

During the progressive era, reformers of city government frequently tried to

create city-managers

The initiative and referendum were progressive era political reforms designed to weaken

state legislatures

The recall and direct primary were progressive era political reforms designed to weaken

political parties

As governor of Wisconsin, the progressive reformer Robert La Follette helped create

direct primary

During the progressive era, the power of the political parties

declined as did voter turnout

During the progressive era, political "interest groups"

were a product of the progressive era

During the progressive era, important sources for social reform included

New York's Tammany Hall political machine

In the aftermath of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist fire in New York City

strict regulations with effective enforcement were imposed on factory owners

For western states during the progressive era, the major target for political reformers was

the federal government

All of the following were progressive reformers from western states EXCEPT

Alfred E. Smith

A major reason progressive political reforms, such as the direct primary, were quickly embraced in the western states was

political parties were weak in this region

In regards to race, during the progressive era

both A and B

During the progressive era, W. E. B. Du Bois asserted all the following EXCEPT

the principal tool for gaining civil rights was to elect blacks to public office

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was

neither A nor B

The temperance crusade

was supported by most business employers

The Women's Christian Temperance Union

was, at one time, the largest women's organization in American history

Between 1914 and 1919, the temperance movement

gained momentum as a result of World War I

In regards to the immigrant population in the United States, progressive reformers

both A and B

In the early twentieth century, the theories of eugenics

supported the restriction of immigration by nationality

During the progressive era, the Socialist Party of America

grew stronger

During the progressive era, the acknowledged leader of American socialism was

Eugene Debs

In the 1912 presidential election, the Socialist Party candidate

both A and B

During the early twentieth century, the Industrial Workers of the World

advocated a single union for all workers

World War I hurt the socialist movement in the United States because

the war generated anti-radical feelings in the country

Herbert Croly argued in his 1909 book, The Promise of American Life

it was important that the federal government was led by a strong president

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