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Psyc 2301 Exam 4 Test

Melatonin influences ______.
A. sleep
B. sexual arousal
C. puberty and aging
D. all of these options
Which of the following signs suggest that you may be sleep deprived
A. Hitting the snooze button several times to get more sleep in the morning
B. Finding it hard to concentrate on this exam despite having studied well
C. Feeling drowsy while driving to school today
D. All of these options
How many stages of distinct sleep stages do we typically experience during a normal night's sleep?
A. 3-4
B. 4-5
C. 5-6
D. 6-8
According to you text, accounts of alien abduction are associated with characteristics found in this stage of sleep.
A. Hypnagogic
B. stage 1
C. stage 2
D. Stage 3
Which of the following is the CORRECT sequence of sleep stages?
A. Non-REM => Stages 1-2-3-4 - REM
B. Hypnagogic => Stages 1-2-3-4 - REM - Stages 4-3-2-1
C. Hypnogogic => Stages 1-2-3-4-3-2 - REM
D. Non-REM => Stages 1-2-3-4-3-2 - REM
Which of the following is TRUE regarding a typical night's sleep cycle?
A. There are 7-8 cycles per night, each lasting about an hour
B. REM sleep increases during the night
C. Brain waves increase in frequency and decrease in amplitude as the night progresses
Recent research suggests that REM sleep ______.
A. is important for consolidating new memories and learning
B. is necessary for both mammals and non-mammals
C. cannot be "recaptured" if you miss several nights in a row
D. all of these options
The idea that dreams are the by-product of random stimulation of brain cells, and that the brain attempts to combine this spontaneous activity into coherent patters, is known as the ______ hypothesis of dreaming
A. Mobson - McHarley
B. activation-synthesis
C. random-convergent
D. brain stimulation
The cognitive view of dreaming suggests that dream _____.
A are of form of thinking during sleep
B. help us sift though and sort out our everyday experiences
C. another form of information processing
D. all of these options
______ theory states that dreams are by-products of random stimulation of brain cells, whereas the _____ view suggests dreams serve as information processing function and help us sift though our everyday experiences and thoughts.
A. Biological ; learning
B. Cognitive ; wish fulfillment
C. Activation-synthesis ; cognitive
D. Psychodynamic ; Infodynamic
The persistent inability to fall or stay asleep, or awakening too early is a symptom of _____.
A. narcolepsy
B. insomnia
C. sleep apnea
D. all of these options
Which of the following is TRUE about prescription drugs for insomnia?
A. they are usually barbituates or tranquilizers
B. they decrease REM and stage 4 sleeping
C. there is a danger in developing a psychological or physical dependency on them
D. all of these
A nightmare occurs during ______.
A. non-REM sleep
B. REM sleep
C. episodes of sleep apnea
D. all of these options
_____occur early in the sleep cycle during non-REM sleep and are characterized by a state of panic
A. Narcoleptic fits
B. Nightmares
C. Apnea episodes
D. Night terros
They study of age-related changes in behavior and mental processes throughout the lifespan is called ______.
A. thanatology
B. neo-gerontology
C. developmental psychology
D. longitudinal psychology
The use of ____ during pregnancy is most associated with premature birth, low birth-weight and fetal death
A. nicotine
B. caffeine
C. aspirin
D. all of these options
Teratogens are _____ that can cause birth defects
A. DNA fragments
B. environmental agents
C. recessive genes
D. dominant genes
From implantation through the 8th week, the major body organs and systems develop during this period. This period in pregnancy is called:
A. Embryonic
B. Fetal
C. Zygotic
D. Germinal
The fetal period lasts from _____.
A. conception to birth
B. implantation to birth
C. implantation to 8 weeks
D. 8 weeks to birth
Jeremy was both with a serious hear, face and fingernail deformities. He is also showing signs of delayed motor development and lowered intelligence. Jeremy is most likely suffering from ____.
A. DNA syndrome
B. premature birth
C fetal alcohol syndrome
D. prenatal exposure to nicotine
At birth, the sense of _____ is poorly developed.
A. hearing
B. smell
C. touch
D. vision
Humans appear to have a maximum possible lifespan of about ____ years.
A. 70-80
B. 80-90
C. 110-120
_____ was one of the first scientists to prove that a child's cognitive processes are fundamentally different than an adult
A. Baumrind
B. Beck
C. Piaget
D. Elkind
The four stages of Piaget's cognitive development model are _____.
A. assimilation, accommodation, adaptation and association
B. sensorimotor, concrete operational, preoperational and formal
C. sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational
D. sensorimotor, precognitive, operational and abstract operational
An infant's inborn disposition is known as _____.
A. personality
B. reflexes
C. temperament
D. traits
The belief that adult personality reflects how an individual has met or resolved the challenges and crises that occur in eight stages of development is the definition of ____.
A. Erikson's psycholsocial stages of development
B. Freud's psychosexual stages of development
C. Thomas and Chess's theory of temperament development
D. Kohlberg's model of moral development
According to Erikson, humans progress through eight stages of psychosocial development. Which of the following is the CORRECT sequence for the "successful" completion of the first four stages
A. trust a autonomy a industry a identity
B. Autonomy a initiative a industry a identity
C. Trust a autonomy a initiative a industry
D. Identity a autonomy a industry a initative
______ is defined as a person's overall evaluation of his or her own self-worth
A. self-concept
B. self- esteem
C. self- efficacy
D. locus of control
According to Freud, the three mental structures that form a personality are the ____.
A. unconscious, preconscious, and conscious
B. oral, anal and phallic
C. Oedipus, Electra, and sexual/aggressive
D. Id, ego, and superego
Use excessively, defense mechanisms can be dangerous because they ____.
A. hide true feelings
B. become ineffective
C. distort reality
D. become fixated
You would rather have fun with your new dating partner than study for your math exam. You know you will do poorly on the exam if you don't study, but tell yourself that having fun will help you relax for the exam. This is an example of the defense mechanism called _____.
A. intellectualization
B. rationalization
C. sublimation
D. reaction formation
Gabrielle didn't study for this exam and really wants to cheat. This is entirely unacceptable to her superego, which won't let her do this. However, Gabrielle think she sees nearly everyone else in the class cheating during the exam. This is an example of the defense mechanism called _____.
A. sublimation
B. reaction formation
C. displacement
D. projection
Norm is sexually attracted to Lilith, a married woman. Instead of acknowledging this attraction, Norm develops an intense dislike for Lilith. This is an example of the defense mechanism called _____.
A. reaction formation
B. regression
C. repression
D. denial
According to Jung, our collective unconsciousness consists of ____.
A. inherited achetypes
B. one's cultural architecture
C. the "archaeology of the soul"
D. all of these
According to Jung, the primitive images and patterns of thoughts, feelings and behavior that reside in the collective unconscious are called _____.
A. animal instincts
B. archetypes
C. the latent unconscous
D. the Oedipus complx
Two theorists associated with the humanistic perspective of personality development are _____.
A. Watson and Skinner
B. Freud and Jung
C. Rogers and Maslow
D. Horney and Adler
The innate tendency toward growth that motivates all human behavior and results in the full realization of a person's highest potential is called _____.
A. self-realization
B. self-promotion
C. self-actualization
D. self-protentiation
The personality theorist who believed in the basic goodness of individuals, and their natural tendency toward self-actualization was _____.
A. Karen Horney
B. Alfred Adler
C. Abraham Maslow
D. Carl Jung
On ____ personality tests, people are asked to describe themselves on paper and pencil tasks that have a limited number of response elements and a standardization scoring system.
A. subjective
B. objective
C. projective
D. unstructured
The most widely used personality test is the MMPI, or ____ Inventory
A. Midwest Multiphasic Personality
B. Michigan Multiphasic Personality
C. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality
D. Mickey Mouse Profile
According to your text, the major objective of the MMPI-2 is to _____.
A. determine whether a patient's personality is normal
B. assess a person's propensity to lie or distort the truth
C. assist in the diagnosis of psychological disorders
D. all of these options
Which of the 4 D's is the "exception rather than the rule"
A. Deviance
B. Dysfunction
C. Distress
D. Danger
The classification system produced by the American Psychiatric Association and used to describe abnormal behavior is called DSM-IV-TR. DSM is an abbreviation for ______.
A. Diagnosis and Symptoms Manual
B. Diseases and Symptoms and Mental Disorders
C. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
D. Diagnosis, Symptoms and Management Manual
This is the current term for serious mental disorders characterized by a loss of contact with reality and extreme mental disruptions
A. Psychosis
B. Neurosis
C. Hysteria
D. Insanity
_______ is a legal term for the people with a mental disorder that implied a lack of responsibility for their behavior and an inability to manage their affairs.
A. Neurosis
B. Psychosis
C. Insanity
D. Incompentence
Anxiety is experienced by nearly everyone, and is not a mental disorder unless _____.
A. you experience more than once per month
B its chronic intensity disrupts your life
C. your family has a history of anxiety disorders
D. other people begin to notice your symptoms
Chronic, uncontrollable, excessive worrying about nothing in particular is associated with _____.
A. panic attack
B. hysteria
C. generalized anxiety disorder
D. obsessive- compulsive disorder
Sudden inexplicable episodes of intense fear with an impending sense of doom are associated with _____.
A. hysteria
B. general anxiety disorder
C. panic disorder
D. obsessive compulsive disorder
The two major types of mood disorders are _____.
A. major depression and bipolar disorder
B. happy and sad
D. learned helplessness and suicide
A major depressive disorder is BEST characterized by _______.
A. frequent melancholia, prolonged blues, or prolonged grief
B. a long-lasting depressed mood that interfaces with functioning, pleasure and life interests
C. any depression of mood that also includes suicidal thoughts
D. recurring or persistent episodes of depressed mood and mania, with or without psychotic thinking
Someone who experiences episodes of mania, or cycles between mania and depression ____.
A. disruption of circadian rhythms
B. bipolar disorder
C. manic - depressive disorder
D. depressive disorder
Brenda has been up for days. She forgot to pay rent, but its handing out money to the homeless. When a police officer tries to talk to her about why she is only wearing her bra and underwear in a public place, she rapidly answers, but her thoughts and her words of quickly moving from one idea to another. The police officer would be correct in suspecting that Brenda has ______.
A. a drug induced multiple personalities
B. a personality disorder
C. a bipolar disorder
D. hypothermic shock
Which of the following is true regarding suicide?
A. People who talk about it won't do it
B. Only depressed and psychotic people commit suicide
C. A family history of suicide increases a person's risk for suicide
D. Women commit suicide more often than men
How is schizophrenia not the same as dissociation identity disorder?
A. People with DID reportly have two or more distinct personality disorders within them at different times
B. People with schizophrenia suffers a serious loss of contact with reality, bu have only one personality
C. both A and B
D. None of the above
______ is the presence of two or more disorders in the same person at the same time.
A. Dual diagnosis
B. Comorbidity
C. Double jeopardy
D. Double indemnity
This disorder is an attempt to avoid painful memories or situations. It is characterized by amnesia, fugue or multiple disorders.
A. Dissociative disorder
B. Displacement disorder
C. Disoriented disorder
D. Identity disorder
______ is related to losing one's sense of reality and feeling estranged from oneself.
A. schizophrenia
C. Dissaciative Identity Disorder
D. Depersonalization
The presence of inflexible, maladaptive personality traits that significantly impair social and occupational functioning is characteristic of ______.
A. nearly all mental disorders
B. the psychotic and dissociative disorders
C. personality disorders
D. none of these options
Egocentrism, lack of a conscience, disregard for the rights of others, impulsvie behavior, lack of remorse/guilt and charisma are characteristic of someone _______
A. in the manic phase of bipolar disorder
B. with schizophrenia
C. with narcissistic personality disorder
D. with an antisocial personality disorder
This disorder is characterized by impulsivity, hyper-sexuality, instability of mood, relationships and self image.
A. Borderline personality disorder
B. Antisocial personality disorder
C. Schizophrenia
D. Dissociative identity disorder