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Politics Final Exam

Legislation whose tangible benefits are targeted solely at a particular legislature's constituency is __________
pork-barrel legislation
Compared with the senate majority leader, the speaker of the house has more power because _______________.
All these answers are correct
In contrast with the speaker of the house, the senate majority leader
is not the presiding officer of his/her chamber
A standing committee in the house or senate ______________.
all these answers are correct
When the house and senate pass different versions of a bill, the differences are resolved by ________________.
Conference Committee
Committee staffs within congress ____________.
Perform an almost entirely legislative function
One must be _____ years of age to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, and ____ years of age to serve in the U.S. Senate.
The second most powerful federal official (after the president) is often said to be
the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
The modern congress is different from the nineteenth century congress in that most members
are now professional politicians who want to stay in congress
In initiating broad legislative proposals, the president enjoys all the following advantages
the president being granted more authority by constition in the area of law
Most members of congress are __________.
concerened with national issues, but even more concerened with local ones.
Most of the work on legislation is congress is done ___________.
by committees and their respective subcomittees
News media coverage of congress and the president is __________.
heavilytilted toward presidential coverage
The are currently _______, voting members of the U.S. House of Representatives and ________ voting members of the U.S.
435; 100
The president's constitutional roles, such as chief executive and commander in chief __________.
have expanded is practice to be more powerful than the writers of the constitution intended
Which of the following is true of true of the vice presidency?
The constitutional powers of the vice presidency have been increased by congress twice during U.S. history
The selection of the vice presidential nominee at the national convention is based on ________.
the presidential nominee's choice of running mate
The presidential advisory unit that, as a whole has declined significantly as an advisory resource for the president in the twentieeth century is the
the cabinet
Which of the following is part of the executive office of the president?
all these answers are correct
Which of the following is a reason that the nation did not routinely need a strong president during most of the nineteenth century?
all of these factors; the small policymaking role of the federal government; the sectional nature of the nation's major issues; and the U.S. government's small role in world affairs
What happened is the presidential election of 2000?
all these answers are correct
The honeymoon period occurs during
the first part of a president's term
A president's policy initiatives are significantly more successful when the president
is in office when the economy goes bad, which creates a demand for stronger leadership
In the modern era, the equivalent practice of using the presidency as a bully pulpit could best be summed up in the phase, "_________".
going public
A president is likely to propose the most new programs
during his or her first year in office
Compared to the president and congress, the bureaucracy
has a more direct impact on the daily lives of americans.
Federal regulatory agencies have responsibility promarily in the area of
economic policy
Policy: implementation refers to the bureaucratic function of
carrying out decisions made by congress, the president and the courts
As distinct from the patronage system, the merit system for managing the bureaucracy ________
allows the president to appoint top officials of executive agencies, thus making the bureaucracy more responsive to election outcomes.
The administrative concept of neutral competence holds that the bureaucracy should _____________
be staffed by people chosen on the bases of ability and do its work fairly on behalf of its citizens
Bureaucrats tend to follow ___________
their own agency's point of view.
About three in every five managerial and professional positions in the federal bureaucracy are held by _________
white males
In terms of holding the bureaucracy accountable, the most important unit within the executive office of the president is the _______
Office of management and budget
The department of ___________ was created in 2002
Homeland security
The number of employees in the federal bureaucracy is about ______
2.5 million
The chief way that administrative agencies exercise power over policy is through
rulemaking, or deciding how a law will operate in practice
Upon reaching congress, what first happens to the president's budget proposal?
It goes to the house and senate budget committees.
In promoting their agency's goals, bureaucrats rely on
all of these; their expert knowledge; the backing of the president and congress support of clientele groups
A judicial decision that establishes a rule for settling subsequent cases of a similar nature is a __________
The federal district courts _______
all these answers are correct
The u.s. courts of appeals ___________
review trial court decisions
The appointment of federal judges is influenced most substantially by_________
Precent, while not an absolute constraint on the courts, is needed to _________
maintain legal consistency over time, so confusion and uncertainty about the law can be avoided
The constitutional provision that federal judges and justices hold office "during good behavior" has _____
had all these effects
The supreme court is most likely to grant a hearing when a case involves__________
an issue that is being decided inconsistently by the lower courts
Federal judges are ______
all of these: nominated by the president, confirmed by the U.S. senate, and appointed for an indefinite period providing they maintain "good behavior"
The last four presidents have each put __ justices onto the supreme court.
________ was the black justice to serve on the U.S. Supreme court
Thurgood Marshall
______ is considered the swing justice or median justice in controversial
Anthony Kennedy
Where do most supreme court justices come from?
Elected state legislators and members of congress