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Play taichi

Da taijiquan











He swims in swimming pool at 5 AM.

Ta zao shang wu dian, zai you yong chi you yong.

He sleeps on sofa in living room at 10:30 am.

Ta zao wu shi dian ban, zai keting shafa shang shui jiao.

He does taiqi in kitchen at noon.

Ta zhong wu shi er dian, zai chufang da taijiquan.

He sings in the laundry room at 2 PM.

Ta xiawu liang dian, zai xiyifang changge.

He calls (on the phone) in the bath room at 6 PM.

Ta xiawu liu dian, zai yushi li da dianhua.

He eats in front of television at 7 PM.

Ta wanshang qi dian, zai diainshiji qianmian chifan.

He reads comic books in study room at 9 PM.

Ta wanshang jiu dian, zai shufang kan man hua.

He does his homework in living room at midnight.

Ta banye shi er dian, zai keting zuo gongke.

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