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(n.) a mark or stain that damages the appearance of something; a weakness or flaw


(adj.) having a dull point or edge, not sharp; honest but insensitive in manner (v.) to make less sharp


(adj.) able and prepared to do something; fit or skilled


(v.) to finish; to bring something to an end; to decide after careful thought


(v.) to find or discover something, notice


(n.) weariness or exhaustion from work or lack of sleep (v.) to make very tired


(adj.) having to do with a feast or celebration


(n.) a friendly welcome and treatment of guests


(n.) a member of a people who move from place to place; a person who roams aimlessly


(v.) to treat unjustly or cause to suffer


(adj.) highest in power, rank, authority, quality, or degree


(v.) to move or carry from one place to another (n.) a vehicle used to move things from place to place; the act or process of moving something from one place to another.

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