Chapter 22 - Development of Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy
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isolationist sentiment was still strong when WWI began; Americans returned to isolationism after WWI -> everyone wanted to avoid further involvement in european political affairs but ruthless dictators came to power during these years; Pearl harbor drew us into the war, and ever since WWII, foreign policy has been based on internationalism
Containment and the Truman DoctrineGeorge F. Kennan devised a way to keep the Soviet Union from spreading its power beyond eastern europe -> containment; Containment - responding to any action taken by soviets with a countermove by the U.S; U.S woanted to give economic aid to nations they said were threatened by a totalitarian government; truman doctorine stated that people in europe needed economic and financial aid; marshall plan gave nations of western europe more than 13 billion;cold war tensions and fears led to a costly arms raceKorean and Vietnam WarsContainment brought the U.S. into the Korean War and Vietnam warEnd of the Cold WarSoviet Union began to collapse; Berlin wall was torn downPost-Cold Warr Foreign PolicyCold War foreign policy did not seem well suited for dealing with the world that was evolvingPersian Gulf WarSaddam Hussein invaded Kuwait; George Bush Sr. defended Kuwait by sending american troops to the region to defeat iraqOther Interventions1992 - american troops joined a force in Somalia to protect relief organizationsoperating during a civil war; 1994 - American troops preserved order in Haiti when the elected president was forced to flee country; 1995 amercan forces and NATO allies intervened in an ethnic warfare (croats, Serbs, and Muslims)A New Foreign Policy Agendaafter 9/11 the foreign policy was in questionWar on TerrorismPresident Bush announced a war on terrorism would become the focus of his administration -> Crush al-quaeda, change afghan gov, and get rid of terrorismStrategy of PreemptionBush administration outlined a new strategic framework to guide american relationships with other nations; Bush says that Preemption should replace containment; Preemption - U.S will strike first with military force against any terrorist groupsIraq WarBush used preemption in march 2003 when the US invaded Iraq and removed the government of Saddam Hussein; congress sanctioned the war; The United Nations did not support the war and Bush says that Hussein would not cooperate with the UN; Coalition forces quickly defeated the iraqui armyShared Foreign Policy PowersFramers of the Constituton wanted foreign affairs to be between the president and congress; president has more responsibility in foreign policyPresidential Powers and ResponsibilitiesConstitution lists certain presidential powers related to foreign policy; president functions as an important world leader