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Lopez Spanish 3: Capitulo 2, Expresate!

Soy un gran aficionado a
I'm a big fan of
Que deporte te gusta a ti?
What sport do you like?
Eres muy bueno para
You're really good at
Los...me dejan frio.
The...don't do anything for me.
Pues, la verdad es que
Well, the truth is that
Si, me la paso
Yes, I'm always doing
Estoy loco por
I'm crazy about
Ah, si? Pues, yo creo que
Really? Well, I think
Te gustaria...?
Would you like to...?
Yo te invito.
My treat.
No, gracias. Iba a
No, thanks. I was going to...
No vayamos a
Let's not go to...
No aguanto
I can't stand...
Como quieras.
Whatever you want.
Me da lo mismo.
It's all the same to me.