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refers to everything that goes on or happens in a story
The character fighting against the main character or hero in the story the villain
person or animal takes part in the action of the story
The authors we are creating and developing a character
steps of characterization
1) if statement by the author
2) The characters appearance
3) The aspects of setting which reflect the influence on the character
4) The characters actions
5) reactions from others of the character
6) The characters thoughts
7) what's the character says
The problem in the story which triggers the action
five basic types of conflict
1) person versus person
2) person versus society
3) person versus him or herself
4) person versus nature
5) person versus fate
The talking that goes on between characters in the story
figurative language
it is language meant to be interpreted imaginatively not literally
comparing two different things without using like or as
A form of figurative language in which an idea object or animal is given characteristics of a person
compares two different things using like or as
The feelings are reader gets from the story happy sad or peaceful
The lesson the author is trying to teach in the story a fable usually end with the moral of the story
The speaker or character who is telling the story
The action of the story
plot line
shows the action or events in a story
parts of plot line (exposition)
1) exposition- it explains the background in setting of the story the characters of the story are usually introduced
parts of plot line (rising action)
The part of the story where the problems arise leading up to the conflict
parts of plot line (climax)
The highest point or turning point of the story
parts of plot line (falling action)
The part of the story which follows the climax it contains the action necessary to resolve the story
parts of plot line
The end of a play or story where the problems are solved
Point of view
The angle from which a story is told
first person
One of the characters is telling the story
third person
someone outside of the story is telling yet
The hero of the story he or she is the main character of the work
The time and place of the story
A method for exploring the unknown through the known. A from Milyer object is used to represent the unfamiliar
The central message concern or insight being written about or discussed
The authors feelings or attitude about a piece of writing it maybe serious sad funny and so on
total affect
The overall influence it has on you the reader. The total effect is the way it makes you feel after you've read a piece of writing.