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name and explain five tragedies in Edgar Allan Poe's life
1) Edgar's father leaves of jealousy because of his mom.
2) Edgars mom dies of tuberculosis
3) Edgar marries his first cousin Virginia
4) Virginia dies of tuberculosis
5) Edgar dies at age 40 he was found on the street and someone else's clothes
what's school did Edgar Allan Poe go to?
University of Virginia and West Point military school
what was Edgars relationship with John Allen?
when John Allen was having a tough time he took his anger out on Edgar
Who is Maria Clem
Edgars first love, he later on meets her at a talk and marrys her again.
Who is Virginia
The girl Edgar married he was 27 and she was 14. she is his first cousin on his dads side. she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and later died