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The tell tale heart


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why does the narrator of the telltale heart want to kill the old man
he hates the old man's clouded blue eye
why does the narrator of the tell tale heart great the old man so heartily every morning
to reassure the old man
why does the narrator of the telltale heart cast a beam of light on the old man's face
to look at the old man's eye
why does the sound of the old man's got in the middle of the night sound familiar to the narrator of the telltale heart
The narrator himself has ground in terror in the night
in the telltale heart how do the narrator's feelings contrast with the old man
The narrator feels furry told the old man and the old man feels fear
in the telltale heart why do the officer stay after they search the house and find nothing suspicious
to talk further with the narrator
The sound that drives the narrator of the telltale heart to confess is...
possibly the narrator's heart pounding
throughout the tell tale heart the narrator gradually is taken over by
his madness
expressing ridicule or contempt
explain the plot line in the story of the telltale heart
exposition: The butler stays with the man for seven days
rising action: The I opened on the eighth day
climax: The butler kills the man
falling action: dismembering in hiding the body then the police come
resolution: The butler confesses
explain the relationship between the old man and the narrator
The narrator is like the Butler for the old man and helps the old man with his needs
what are the conflicts in the story
person versus person
person versus himself
person versus society
person versus fate
what is the theme of the story
teaching a lesson if you do something wrong you're going to get caught eventually