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Novelist and Poet born in Union Co that committed suicide
Byron Herbert Reece
Mother of the Blues
Ma Rainey
Present Day Piedmont Park
Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition
Massacre meant to intimidate Black Voters in 1868
Victory on a Creek by the Confederate South Army
Newspaper editor and one time owner of the Constitution (Paper)
Clark Howell
Painter that favored southern scenes, history, and people
Lamar Dodd
Singer blinded by by Glaucoma at the age of five
Ray Charles
Decatur Female Seminary
Agnes Scott
First Black in Georgia to serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Robert Benham
Has a bridge in his honor located in Augusta, died on the Titanic
Archibald Butt
Only Golfer to win the Grand Slam
Bobby Jones
Responsible for writing Ill Take My Stand and The Georgia Review
John Donald Wade
First Spanish man to land on the Georgia Coast at McIntosh County
Lucas Vasquez Ayllon
Racist Controversial Governor that appointed blacks to state positions
Lester Maddox
Only Georgian President of the United States
Jimmy Carter
Who was nicknamed the Georgia Peach?
Ty Cobb
What was a confederate granite statue?
Who was a pharmacist that created the coke formula?
John Pemberton
What pest ate the king cotton?
Boll Weevil
Who was lynched for the murder of Mary Phagan?
Leo Frank
What band played only once in Georgia?
What was an unfair obstacle to get to vote?
Literacy Test
What was the location of the first black soldiers to fight in Georgia?
Dalton, Georgia
Where did desegregation happen in Georgia?
Tennis Center
Three governor controversy
Eugene Tallmadge, Herman Tallmadge, Melvin Thomson
Savannah born songwriter ex Moon River and Jeepsers Creepers
Johnny Mercer
Launched CNN 1980
Ted Turner
Governor of Georgia during the Revolutionary War
James Wright
24 hours spent as first woman in the US senate
Rebecca Felton
Father of UGA
Abraham Baldwin
Largest of its kind
Georgia Aquarium
Founded most influential Black newspaper
Robert Abbott
MLK Jr. considered this location a faluire in the Civil Rights fight
Albany Movement
4th Thursday in November
FDR thanksgiving
Woman Journal of evils of slavery
Fanny Kemble
Wrote a book turned in to a movie
Frank Yerby
Long bearded man- Successful Ga politician
Joseph E. Brown
Almost became Ga First President
William Crawford
Methodist that banned a woman from Holy Communion
John Wesley
Country recognized Georgia Politician
John Forsyth
Heisman Trophy winner from UGA
Hershel Walker
1950's Rock and Roll Architect
Little Richard
Rock Band from Athens- It's the End of the World as we know it
Coke & Today in Georgia History
Robert Woodruff
Fighting Joe/ Involved in four wars
Joseph Wheeler
First woman elected to Congress from GA
Helen Douglas Mankin
Helped Jonas Salk with the polio vaccine
Thomas Milton Rivers
Renounced bridge builder
Horace king
Creator of Pogo the Opossum
Walt Kelly
1893/ Savannah
GA hurricane
First Georgian Pulitzer prize winner
Caroline miller
U.S. Senator that switched democratic parties, democratic to republican?
Zell Miller
Won consecutive 100 meter titles in the Olympics
Wyomia Tyus
Head coach of UGA for 25 years
Vince Dooley
Founded the Atlanta life insurance company
Alonzo Herndon
Famous Soul Singer
Otis Redding
Lee, Jackson, Davis
Stone Mountain Carving
Hall of fame woman golfer
Louise Suggs
Soul singer said to be the busiest man in show business
James Brown
Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Lyman Hall
Strong Man "Wonder of Nature"
Paul Anderson
Rambling Wreck
Georgia Tech
Founder of a Colledge in Rome Ga
Martha Berry
1st Heisman Trophy winner to a Southern player
Frank Sinkwitch
Comeback Boxer to fight in Atlanta
Muhammad Ali
Supreme Court Justice appointed by Bush
Clarence Thomas
1st Black Mayor elected in the South
Maynard Jackson
Location where FDR died
Warm Spring
James Oglethorpe's best friend
Disease that killed many Georgians brought back from Europe
Spanish Flu
Modern Day Jeff Foxworthy- funny Ga. Humorous
Louis Gizzard
Famous pilot that flew from New York to Paris
Southern Abstract Artist
Howard Finstier
Multi talented Female Vocalist
Bernice Reagan
Georgia Tech famous football coach and stadium
Bobby Dodd
Author of Gone with the Wind
Margaret Mitchell
1st African American woman elected to Georgia congress
Cynthia McKinney
Introduced anesthetic gases
Crawford Long
Won 1995 World Series
Georgia mint was located and was bad for Indians
Dahlonegah gold rush
Started the Allman Brothers
Duane Allman
Man executed for crimes at Andersonville Prison
Henry Wirtz
Americans taken hostage ended Jimmy Carter inWashington
Iran Hostage Crisis
Started the Girl Scouts of America
Juliette Gordon Law
UGA football player that died after a head injury
Von Gammon
1st republican governor in 139 years/ football player
Sonny Perdue
Vice President of the Confederacy
Alexander Hamilton