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When did Assyria rule over the Holy Land?
700s BC
Who is Rachel's first born son?
Isaiah 7:14 reads "Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel."

The immediate audience of Isaiah (the people who lived around 700 BC) likely understood Immanuel to be Hezekiah, someone who would serve God and be better then Ahaz.

This is also a common reading during Advent as we see it as pointing to the coming of Christ (both now and when he returns). What sense of scripture is this reading of the Isaiah passage?
When did the united kingdom of Israel split into the Northern and Southern kingdoms?
930 BC
TRUE or FALSE: Rosh continues to steal from the villagers and takes heed when Daniel tries to warn him that people are turning against him.
What message did Simon send to Daniel on the mountain?
Your grandmother is dying
St. Paul suggests what type of reading of Exodus when he says "These things happened as examples for us, so that we might not desire evil things, as they did" (1 Cor 10:6).
Which empire did Alexander the Great defeat? In other words, what empire came before the Greeks?
Where were over 3,000 Jews exiled to in 587 BC?
Thacia disguises herself as ____________ so "he" will be seen leaving the city with Daniel and will have an alibi.
The New Testament in the Catholic Bible consists of ____ books
According to St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians, the crossing of the Red Sea is a type of __________.
Christian Baptism
What is the consequence of Saul's sin?
He is no longer favored by God
What is the primary topic of Dei Verbum?
Who did David battle to gain a large following of people?
TRUE or FALSE: The four fold senses of Scripture is only a modern way to look at Scripture.
What is Solomon's sin?
What happens to most of the citizens of the southern kingdom?
They are exiled
Assyrian king whom Ahaz turned to for help
Babylonian king who conquered Judah
Great prophet who taught the people how to remain faithful during their exile
Jewish man who lead a rebellion against their oppressors.
Judas Maccabeus
King of Persians who granted permission for the children of Abraham to return to Judea
Cyrus I
Seleucid ruler who persecuted Jews.
Antiochus IV
Joel urges Daniel to give Jesus a __________________.
Warning about the elders of the synagogue.
What enabled human authors to write the Bible without error?
"anagoge" means
leading or leading up
After the Kingdom divides the Northern Kingdom is known as:
Before Saul was king he was known _______.
as a member of the tribe of Benjamin
What is the name of the southern kingdom? (one word)
TRUE or FALSE: At the start of the story, Joel and Daniel were looking for a Messiah who would forgive sin and teach them about compassion and mercy.
Who does Jesus heal at the end of the book?
What empire defeats the Babylonians and allows the Israelites to return to Israel?
The southern kingdom falls in _ _ _ B.C.. (only type numbers)
The _____ is/are inspired to correctly interpret the canon's meaning for today.
What brother offers to sacrifice himself to save Benjamin?
Who do Daniel and Joel believe will raise "an army to fight against Rome." Give the characters name (one word).
In 743 B.C. the Syro-Ephramite war takes place where ____________ and Aram-Damascus have aligned together to stand against the superpower __________.
They plan to include _________ in this alliance, but King ______________ refuses to join. The alliance then seek to attack [place3] and have [ruler1] replaced with a king who will join their alliance. [ruler1] turns to [place2] for help and the result is the destruction of the northern kingdom of __________
The canon was first set in 393 at this council.
Council of Hippo
Match the temple example picture with the corresponding sense of Scripture.
What are the three criteria used to determine if a text should be included in the canon.
Apostolic, rule of faith, and widely spread
In 701 B.C. ____________
is now the target of ___________. The waters of the Euphrates have risen to the neck of the kingdom of [Place1] and the city of _____________ is under siege. Now the king of [Place1], ________ faces the same situation his father faced. Unlike his father Ahaz, [Person1] places his faith in God.
TRUE or FALSE: In his village Daniel finds Simon's shop closed and learns that Simon is following Rosh.
What type of reading is the following scenario best describing?

Me: "I'd love to get that new car, but it would cost an arm and a leg!"

Friend: "I know, the price tag is $45,000!"
Who is the first king of the Northern kingdom?
Who is the first king of Israel?
What council produced Dei Verbum?
Vatican Council II
Why do Simon and Daniel have to stop and bathe on their way from the mountain to the village?
the Sabbath is about to begin
The original language of the New Testament.
What is Solomon known for?
wives, building the temple, wisdom
The northern kingdom falls in ___ BC. After this they are known as the Lost Tribes of Israel. (type only numbers)
What is a reason the people give as to why they want a king?
They want to be like other nations
Why doesn't David become king immediately upon his anointing?
There is already a king
Who is the first son born to Abraham?
Match the temple example picture with the corresponding sense of Scripture.
Remember the kingdom & where they are located
Israel- north
Judah- south
The council of ___________ is the Ecumenical Council that confirmed the Canon after it was challenged by the Reformation movement.
Identify the speaker: "An outlaw may think he is accountable to no one. But in a village every man holds his neighbor's safety in his hands. If a legionary is in a mood for trouble, any excuse will do. A single insult could cost half the lives in the town in the end.
What form did God take when he visited Abraham in Genesis 18?
Three visitors
Joel urges Daniel to give Jesus a ______________.
Warning about the elders of the synagogue
Daniel tries to convince Simon to join Rosh's band. Simon refuses saying they don't see eye to eye. Why do you think Simon feels this way?
He views Rosh as a theif
Who is the third king of Israel?
TRUE or FALSE: Daniel tells Joel and Malthace how the Romans crucified his father and uncle, how his mother died soon afterward, and how his little sister sneaked out of the house and was found beside the crosses later.
Who said it: "[Samson] did not give you vengeance. He gave you love. There is no greater love than that, that a man should lay down his life for his friend."
Identify the speaker: "I know what's in your mind, it's better to do without killing when we can. But there's a flaw in you, boy, a soft streak...When the day comes there'll be no place for weakness."
What is the primary purpose of the Bible?
To guide us on the way to salvation
Who was the first king of Israel?
What is the consequence of Solomon's sin?
The kingdom divides
What are the two indicators that help us determine the faithfulness of the Israelites?
Land and temple
Why must Abraham's servant go north to find a wife for Isaac?
He wants him to marry kin, He does not want her to marry a Canaanite
According to an ancient tradition, one can distinguish between two senses of Scripture: _______________.
Literal, spiritual
Which sense of Scripture is the foundation or basis for all the others?
Represents a shift in focus to the future, specifically to the end times or last things.
The events reported in Scripture ought to lead us to act justly.
Typology is a common way of applying this sense of Scripture.
What is David's sin? (choose the best two)
Murder, adultery
What is the state of the temple when the southern kingdom falls?
It is destroyed
What is Solomon's sin?
Who is David's father?
What prophet anointed the first two kings of Israel?
The _____ is/are inspired to correctly interpret the canon's meaning for today.
What empire conquers the kingdom of Judah? (one word)
Who does Daniel invite into his home at the end of the book?
Marcus/Roman/Roman soldier/The Roman soldier
Scripture is without error when it comes to _____ and important Salvation historical events.
faith, morals
Who helped govern the Israelites before there were kings?
A soldier throws his spear, injuring Daniel, but Daniel escapes and returns to _________'s house.
Who is the first king of the Southern kingdom?

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