Chapter 10 Pharmacology


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an individual hypersensitivity to a substance
Individuals who prepare and administer medications are expected to be?
Licensed, registered, certified, authorized by a physician to do so
Acting as an agent of the physician, one must be?
Qualified, responsible and accountable
When reading a medication label, you should?
Always check for the expiration date of the medicine and compare the medication order with label
When administering a medication in a physician's office, the best method of identifying the patient is?
Calling the patient by name and asking the patient to state his or her name
What is most essential for a medication to be maintained at the proper blood level?
It is given at the right time
When reading the correct amount of a liquid medication that has been poured in a measuring device________.
Read at the lowest level of the meniscus
A substance, in the form of fine particles that separates from a solution if allowed to stand for a period of time
What is not an essential medication guideline?
Working in a dim-lighted area
What is a false statement about safe drug storage?
Controlled substances must be stored along with other drugs
What is not true about the recording process?
The patient's chard is not a legal document
It is _____________ to take a medication that belongs to your employer.
Unethical and illegal
A medication error occurs when?
The drug is given to the wrong patient
When a medication error occurs you should not?
Tell the patient that you have made an error
The convex or concave upper service of a column of liquid in a container
A substance in the form of fine particles
An individual hypersensitivity to a substance
Six Rights
A checklist of activities to ensure the safe delivery of a medication to a patient
Recording Process
The vital link between the physician, the patient, and the medical assistant
Dark; not transparent
Pertaining to things unlawful; not legal
Pertaining to a system of moral principles or standards that govern conduct
Pertaining to any action that goes against a system of moral principles or standard that govern conduct
Patient's Chart
A legal document
Emergency Medications
Epinephrine, Benadryl, and Hydrocortisone