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God intends that ___________ reflect the love and communion between the DIvine Persons of the holy trinity; the father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We have a model for this in Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, the Holy Family.
In her unhesitating "yes," her fiat, to God's invitation at the Annunciation Mary committed to her role in God's plan of salvation and became __________ meaning "God-bearer."
From the moment of her consumption, Mary was free from original sin and she remained blameless and without personal sin for the whole of her life. This is a doctrine called the ____________.
immaculate conception.
_________ was a model husband and father
Jesus' brothers and sisters in the Gospels were likely members of his ____________ family, not Mary's other children.
By reading the _________ and the letters in the New Testament, we begin to recognize the important truth that the Eternal Son of God assumed human nature in order to save us.
Following Jesus' example, the first Christians realized how much of Jesus' life and mission was ___________ in the Old Testament Scriptures.
Those with the gift of faith recognize the _________ of these prophetic passages, confirming our faith in Christ.
All the great mysteries of our faith fit together and support one another, kind of like a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. This is called the ____________________.
analogy of faith
The mystery of the union of Jesus' divine and human natures in one Divine Person is called the _____________.
Through the Incarnation, Christ took upon himself all human sin so that we might be ___________ with God
The first christians were astounded at the realization that God ___________ us so much he would take on human nature and even suffer a torturous death to redeem us.
As God, Jesus Christ is perfect __________. As a man, he shows us how to be holy in our everyday lives
Christ wants us to share in his ________. This amazing truth means god wants us to share in his divine life and to become the image of God we were created to be.
Because we were strengthened by our faith and the gifts of the Spirit, ________ has lost his power over us.
In the New Testament, Jesus is given a variety of ________ that indicates his central role in salvation history.
________ means "God saves" in Hebrew.
Jesus is ________ because the Father anointed him with the Holy Spirit and established him as priest, prophet and king.
We are all children of God, but Jesus has a ____________ relationship with the Father.
Today, whenever we call Jesus _______, we too recognize his divinity and acknowledge that he alone is worthy of our worship and our complete obedience.
The full realization of the ___________ of god is the end result of god's saving plan.
Even though Jesus was free from all sin, he came to John to be ___________ at the beginning of public ministry. In doing this, he showed his willingness to completely identify with the human condition.
A few days after Jesus' Baptism, Jesus attended a ___________ feast with his new disciples.
Through many miracles and many _____________, Jesus proclaimed that the Kingdom of God is at hand.
The ______________ reassured Peter, James, and John that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, and it strengthened their faith before the ordeal of Jesus' Passion and death.
Just as the original __________________ was offered to free the people of israel from their slavery in egypt, Jesus' life was offered up for us through his Passion, death, Resurrection, and ascension. This is the core of the Paschal Mystery, which we enter into every time we participate in the eucharist
Paschal Lamb
We need to be saved from the things that fill our lives
with these
This saves us from both Original Sin and personal sin.
Paschal Mystery
At times, we may experience a glimpse of this, which
the saints enjoy in Heaven
Beatific Vision
Each of us is on a journey to become this.
We receive this gift at Baptism to help us on our journey
toward God___
sanctifying grace
Each soul will undergo this immediately after death, to
be rewarded according to our faith and works.
Particular Judgment
All souls will experience this when Christ returns in
glory and all the dead will be raised.
Final Judgment
The Church has always taught that this is necessary for
our salvation.
This is the natural and logical consequence for a
person who has already decided to separate herself or
himself from God here on earth.
Souls here are assured of entering Heaven once their
purification is complete
God created us for this type of life, in which there is
no hatred, pain, or injustice.
Souls here are assured of entering Heaven once their purification is complete.
This saves us from both Original Sin and personal sin.
Which of the following best describes the differences among the Gospel accounts of Jesus'
death and Resurrection?
a. There are major differences among the accounts.
b. There are only small differences among the accounts.
c. The accounts are exactly the same.
d. Only three of the four Gospels contain such an account.
Why is it ironic that Jesus was accused of blasphemy and of disturbing the peace?
a. His claims to be the Son of God were actually true.
b. His being sentenced to death actually set in motion the events that brought the Kingdom
of God to fulfillment.
c. Both a and b
d. Neither a nor b____
Why did God the Father allow the death of Jesus, whom He loved?
a. to destroy the power of death
b. to restore our friendship with God
c. to allow us to live eternally in Heaven
d. all of the above
How did Jesus completely establish his power over all creation—on earth, in Heaven, and
in Hell?
a. by his Passion and death
b. by descending into Hell
c. by rising again
d. by ascending into Heaven
This city was the heart of Jewish life and worship at the time of Jesus.
This was a real event, historically attested to by Jesus' disciples, who truly encountered the Risen One.
Jesus and the Apostles were celebrating this Jewish holiday on the first Holy Thursday.
Jesus did not leave this nature behind when he ascended to Heaven.
The "Suffering Servant" passages in this Old Testament book describe the suffering and death of Jesus
At times, we experience a glimpse of this, which we will enjoy fully in Heaven.
Beatific Vision
The Church has always taught that this is necessary for our salvation.
Each soul will undergo this immediately after death, to be rewarded according to faith and works.
Particular Judgment
Each of us is on a journey toward this, but we are not expected to achieve it on our own.
All souls will experience this when Christ returns in glory and all the dead will be raised.
Final Judgment
Which of the following best expresses Jesus' attitude toward his Passion and death?
a. He was unwilling to accept it.
b. He fought against it.
c. He ran away from it.
d. He accepted it willingly.
____ from sin and death for every person in every age comes through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
a. Salvation
b. Punishment
c. Damage
d. Enslavement
What state is the natural and logical outcome for a person who has already decided to separate herself or himself from God here on earth?
a. Hell
b. Heaven
c. Purgatory
d. Particular Judgment
Which of the following is true if we believe in Jesus' divinity?
a. We are expected to achieve perfection on our own.
b. We know what it will be like to be resurrected.
c. Jesus is limited to being in one place at one particular time.
d. All of his other teachings are also true.
The first Christians, who came from the same Jewish community as Jesus, looked to the _______ to help them understand the death and Resurrection of Jesus.
a. Sanhedrin
b. procurator
c. Old Testament
d. New Testament
What truth of our faith guarantees that we will experience the resurrection of the dead?
a. the Assumption
b. the Ascension
c. the Resurrection
d. the Final Judgment
Through his Paschal Mystery, Christ sets us free from the things that fill our lives with _______.
a. suffering
b. fun
c. mistakes
d. Lies
What makes Jesus Christ different from other spiritual leaders?
a. He taught that we should love one another and be compassionate.
b. He is a model of how to live a moral life.
c. He had unique things to say about justice and righteousness.
d. Only he is the Son of God, the Second Divine Person of the Trinity.
How do we know that Christ's body escaped the bonds of death?
a. Mary Magdalene and other women brought spices to the tomb.
b. The tomb was empty.
c. Two angels were found at the entrance to the tomb.
d. Jesus appeared to the disciples at Emmaus.
Which idea helps us to understand that Jesus paid to God the price of our freedom so that we are no longer "owned" by sin and death?
a. salvation
b. ransom
c. redemption
d. Atonement
Suffering is a mystery we can never fully _______________, because we simply do not see things from God's perspective.
To save us from meaningless suffering and death, the Father sent his only begotten _______ into the world.
As laypeople, we can offer __________ to the Father by offering up our daily work, play, rest, studies, and family time.
Knowing that sacrifice and suffering have an important role in God's plan of salvation does not automatically make it _______ for us to accept and endure suffering in our lives.
The gift of _____________, or courage, is a key to finding hope and strength in times of suffering.
Suffering is not the end of the story; the Paschal Mystery ends with Christ's ____________ and Ascension into Heaven.
When we let Christ's ___________ shine through us, we bring God's love to others.
God's __________ is his supernatural gift to help us respond to his love, to restore us to original holiness and justice, and to help us live holy lives.
All baptized people are __________ because they witness to Christ in every circumstance of life.
The titles of _________ —priest, prophet, and king—apply to us too in the Church
When do we become holy?
a. at the moment of conception
b. at the moment of Baptism
c. when we avoid sin and serve others
d. all of the above
Which of the following is not a feature of Christlike leadership?
a. seeking to increase our power and fame
b. our commitment to follow God's call with all our soul and strength
c. always serving those most in need
d. the self-discipline to consistently choose what is good and right
Which of the following best characterizes the relationship between the laity's roles of priest, prophet, and king?
a. They share nothing in common.
b. They overlap to some degree.
c. They are exactly the same.
d. The laity do not have these roles.
Every human heart knows that we achieve the most worthwhile things through courage and sacrifice, under what condition?
a. We work very hard.
b. We ignore the guidance of others.
c. We follow what our friends are doing.
d. We are seeking the Kingdom of God
How did Jesus promise to give his guidance to Christians in times of persecution?
a. in person
b. through other people
c. through the Holy Spirit
d. through books
What is our best source for knowing what the kingship of Jesus Christ truly is?
a. Jesus' own words and actions in the Gospels
b. the opinions of the media
c. the history of secular royalty
d. the teachings of contemporary leaders
Which of the following describes the attitude Christian believers are called to have toward the suffering of others?
a. We must strive to eliminate all suffering in the world.
b. We must work to reduce and eliminate others' suffering, although we can never completely take away all suffering.
c. We must pay attention to our own suffering but not that of others.
d. We must encourage others to accept their sufferings without doing anything to try to relieve them.
What enables us to accept that suffering is a part of every human life and sacrifice is a part of every Christian's life?
a. believing that suffering is part of justice
b. freely choosing to suffer
c. embracing the idea of martyrdom
d. trusting that in the end God will make all things right
What role of the laity does the Second Vatican Council NOT describe as belonging to all believers?
a. priest
b. prophet
c. deacon
d. king