Tenor Chapter 7 Pre-Algebra


Terms in this set (...)

equivalent expressions
Expressions that have the same value.
distributive property
To multiply a sum by a number, multiply each addend by the number outside the parentheses.
Each part of an algebraic expression.
The numerical part of a term that contains a variable.
like terms
Expressions that contain the same variables to the same power, such as 2n and 5n or 6xy and -4xy.
A term without a variable.
simplest form
An algebraic expression in simplest form has no like terms and no parentheses.
simplifying the expression
To use distribution to combine like terms.
linear expression
An algebraic expression in which the variable is raised to the first power.
To write a number as a product of its factors.
factored form
A monomial expressed as a product of prime numbers and variables where no variable has an exponent greater than one.
Greatest Common Factor
The largest factor two or more numbers have in common.