Chapter 29 Shaken to the roots Willy Boy

American Indian Movement (AIM)
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Helsinki Accordsagreement in 1975 among NATO and Warsaw Pact members that recognized European national boundaries as set after WWII and included guarantees of human rightsModel Cities Programeffort to target federal funds to upgrade public services and economic opportunity in specifically defined urban neighborhoods between 1966 and 1974Nation of Islamreligious movement among black Americans that emphasizes self-sufficiency, self-help, and separation from white societyNew Federalismpresident Nixon's policy to shift responsibilities for government programs from the federal level to the statesNixon Doctrinein July 1969, Nixon described a new American policy toward Asia, in which the US would honor treaty commitments but would gradually disengage and expect Asian nations to handle military defense on their ownOrganization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)cartel of oil producing nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America that gained substantial power of the world economy in the mid-to-late 1970s by controlling the production and price of oilPentagon Papersclassified Defense Department documents on the history of the US involvement in Vietnam, prepared in 1968 and leaked to the press in 1971Search and DestroyUS military tactic in South Vietnam, using small detachments to locate enemy units and then massive air, artillery, and ground forces to destroy themSelective Services Systemfederal agency that coordinated military conscription before and during the Vietnam WarStonewall Rebellionon June 27, 1969, patrons fought back when police raided the gay Stonewall Inn in New York; the name refers to that event and to the increase in militancy by gay Americans that it symbolizesStrategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT)signed in 1972 by the United States and the Soviet Union to slow the nuclear arms raceStudents for a Democratic Society (SDS)the leading student organization of the New Left of the early and mid-1960sSwann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of EducationUS Supreme Court decision in 1971 that upheld cross-city busing to achieve the racial integration of public schoolsWatergatea complex scandal involving attempts to cover up illegal actions taken by administration officials and leading to the resignations of President Nixon in 1974