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Pronouns and Antecedents

Determine the correct pronoun needed to complete each sentence and then find the antecedent. Ex. Mrs. Foster is a great teacher. ________ helps us a lot. She, Mrs. Foster
Agatha Christie was a mystery novelist. _______ wrote over 25 books.
She, Agatha Christie
Woodrow Wilson was president during Word War 1. But not everyone agreed with _____________.
him, Woodrow Wilson
The printer is not working. Someone needs to fix ____.
it, printer
The teachers played volleyball against the eighth graders. Unfortunately, the eighth graders beat ______.
them, teachers
Our class will be going to high school next year. Do you think anyone will miss_______? (of course!)
us, class
We had a test last week in Math. ______ was really easy.
it, test
Flappers were popular during the 1920's. ______ were girls who cut their hair short and didn't follow conventional rules.
they, Flappers
Automobiles were scare in the early 1900's. Now we can't live without _______.
them, automobiles
Harper Lee wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird." Unfortunately, _________never wrote another book.
she, Harper Lee
Our team just won the championship. ______ are going out to celebrate at Chili's.
we, our team
Harry is a Star Wars fan. ___ likes Star Wars movies.
He, Harry
Gloria and Molly are going to the store. ______ will buy milk.
They, Gloria and Molly