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Environmental Science for AP Friedland and Relyea Chapter 4


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Which of the following is the best descrption of a region's climate?
the average temperature and precipitation over several decades
Which of the following would not have a significant effect on the climate of a region?
a single abnormally wet year due to El Nino
In which level of the atomsphere does weather occur?
What is the importance of the ozone layer?
it absorbs incoming uv rays
What best describes the temperature of the atmosphere?
it decreases as you increase in altitude in the troposphere
Which of the following is not true about the sun's energy heating the Earth?
the sun's rays are more strongly reflected on the lower latitude regions
Which of the following is the best description of albedo?
the ability of an object to reflect light
What region of the earth does the sun hit at the most direct?
What level of the atmosphere contains charged gas molecules that glow, producing what is known as the northern lights or Aurora borealis?
Which of the following would best describe the observavtion that warm air is more humid than cool air?
warming air has a higher capactiy for water vapor than colder air
What happens to air as it rises?
the pressure decreases and it expands in volume
What factor is most closely related to adiabatic cooling and heating?
Air pressure
What is the overall direction of global air currents at the equator?
Air rises at the equator
What is the best explaination for the high amounts of rain that occur at the equator?
The warm air rises at the equator which condenses at a high attitude, leading to rain
What type of weather would you expect to find at the intertropical convergence zone ITCZ?
warm and rainy weather
At what latitude is the surface of the earth moving at the highest velocity?
90 N and S
Which of the following statements about the Coriolis Effect is incorrect?
Global winds are not affected by the Coriolis Effect
What is the cause of the differing seasons of the earth?
The tilt of the earth on its axis
The Coriolis Effect and prevailing winds contribute to the formation of gyres in the oceans. Which direction do these gyres flow in the Northern Hemisphere?
What is one major role that these gyres play in global climate?
Currents redistribute heat from the Equator to Northern latitude
What is a positive effect of upwelling?
Along the west coast of continents
As water freezes or evaporates, what happens to salinity of the remaining ocean water?
Salinity increase
What factors are used to classify a biome?
Average tempersture, Average precipitation, and Distinctive plants adapted to area
Which biome is characterized by the presence of permafrost?
Boreal forests tend to have a thick layer of organic material but the soil is poor in nutrients. What is the best explanation for this?
Low precipitation rates and cold temperatures slow decompostion
Which of the following are examples of wetlands?
Swamps, Marshes, and Bogs
Which of the following is not an ecological service provided by wetlands?
Heavily used for agriculture due to high nutrient content
Which of the following is the earth's most diverse biome?
Coral reefs
Which biome has plants with adaptations that prevent water loss, such as smaller leaves with few pores for gas exchange?
Subtropical desert, savanna and chaparral
Which of the following has some low-growing vegetation, but connot support trees because of a permanently frozen layer of soil?