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Earliest code of written Roman law
System of government where the people elect representatives to govern
an assembly of elders who made laws; one of the three branches of the Roman republic
a group of average citizens who were elected to have representation in the government; one of the three branches of the Roman republic
Two leaders elected by the assembly of Rome; one of the three branches of the Roman republic
The common people of ancient Rome
The original upper-class families of Ancient Rome.
Julius Caesar
Ended the Roman Republic, when he declared himself dictator for life
Pax Romana
A long period of peace and stability during the first two centuries CE in the Roman empire
A great leader the Jewish believe will come to restore the greatness of Israel
A major world religion based on the teachings of Jesus
A structure used for carrying fresh water from a high place to a city
Germanic groups who invaded Rome and brought an end to the western Roman empire
A huge, oval shaped amphitheater used for gladiator fights
Mt. Vesuvius
A volcano that erupted in 79 CE destroying Pompeii
Augustus Caesar
grandnephew of Julius Caesar, ruled as emperor for over 40 years, wise leader who was given the title Augustus meaning respected one
Romulus & Remus
Roman legend says these twins were the founders of the city of Rome, named after Romulus
Roman Bath
popular place for Romans, similar to health clubs
with baths for cleaning, relaxing, socializing
There were massages, food, workout rooms, and locker rooms
Slave of Rome who led a slave revolt for two years on the Italian peninsula
Emperor Constantine
won a battle after seeing a cross in the sky
became a Christian
moved capital of empire to Constantinople
Constantine moved the capital city of the Empire here, named after himself
A government uniting many territories under one rule