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What is a belief that went against the church?


What was thre date that Charlmagne was crowned?

December 5, 800 A. D

What was the cheif goal of the Crusades?

To conquer the Holy Land

What was reconquista?

The relclaiming of spain by Ferdinand and Isabella, expelling all non-Cathloics.

What was the Domesday Book?

Census taken by William the Conqueror after his ascension (took) to power

What were some codes of chivalry from knights?

protect the weak and poor, defend his lord, God and lady, To be loyal and brave.

What building stands in Turkey today?

Hagia Sophia

What is a serf?

a paesant who was tied to the land.

Who was Joan of Arc?

a young french girl who helped the french in the 100 years

what does interdict mean?

a weapon of the Pope's used on Kings to deny the holy sacraments to an entire area.

What were land grants that kings gave to nobles and then nobles gave to knights in return for protection?


what is political and social system based on the ownership of land.


movement that tried to reconcile faith and reason


what was the laguage of the common people called


What was Justinian's greatest accomplishment as Byzantine Emperor?

Code of Justinian

What was credited to Charlemagne?

the development of fuedalism

What ended a conflict between the Pope and HRE that agreement where there church would choose its officials and give them the symbols of their office instead of lay investitures by kings.

Concordat of Worms

when secular rulers choose nominess to church offices and gave them the symbols of their office

lay investures

document signed by King John that limited the power of the English Monarchy

Magna Carta

new agricultural technologies in the Middle ages led to:

increased food production

a young person who trained with a master craftsman without pay


what allowed for an increase in food production on the manor?

crop rotation

What were the three classes or estates into which french society was divided before the revolution?


Which group made up the largest part of the population in fuedal society?


the Byzantine Empre preserved the culture of

Greece and Rome

This Scholastic Scholar wrote Summa Theologica

St. Thomas Aquinas

Why did some religious people want to reform the Church during the middle ages?

it was corrupt

What is schism?

the seperation between the two great branches of chrsitianity that occured when the Roman Pope Leo IX and the Byzantine patriatch Michael Cerularius excommunicated eachother in 1054

What group of people did Charlemagne come from?

the Franks

Norseman who terrorized Europe using their masterful sailing skills


How did midevil people explain the Black Death?

Jews poison the wells
G-d's Punishment

An agriculatural estate ran by a lord and worked by paesants


Court that tried heretics


First Holy Roman Emperor


Plague that kiled off a large percentage of Europe's population during the Middle Ages

black death

The battle, in 1066, was a major turning point in British History


in the 15th century, which countries had strong centural powers

England, Spain and france.

Who won the Battle of hastings?

William of Normandy

mounted warriors


Roman Catholic Church and Eat Orthodox Church disagreed over the banning of what which sparked the begninning of schism?


the barbarian group invaded the british isles


business associations


which creatures helped spread the plague


whichmuslim leader reclaimed jerusalem from the christia crusaders


what new technology changed the 100 years war fighting stlye?


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