World History Chapter 14/15 Test

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Colombian ExchangeThe global transfer of plants, animals, and diseases that occurred between the Old World and the New World (Europe, Asia and Africa and the Americas)CircumnavigateSail the way around (something, especially the world); sailing around the worldPrivateerpirate hired by the government. Legal pirate.PirateSomeone who attacks and robs ships at sea for their own profit.Zheng HeChinese - Explored Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, and East Africa from 1405-1433 using one of the largest naval fleets ever and helped to spread Chinese culture and goods.Henry the NavigatorPrince of Portugal - supporter of exploration - established a naval school and encouraged trips to northern and western Africa.Vasco de GamaPortuguese - First European to sail around Africa to (Calicut) India leading to a vast trading empire.King Ferdinand and Queen IsabellaKing and Queen of Spain - help unify Spain and support and encourage Spanish exploration.Ferdinand MagellanPortuguese, who sailed for Spain - used a strait to sail through South America to East Indies; given credit as the first person to circumnavigate the world, even though he died in the Philippines.Spice Islands(Malacca)An archipelago (group of islands) within Indonesia, where European Explorers traded for spices such as nutmeg, mace and cloves.West IndiesA term used to describe the islands located in the Caribbean and between North and South America; discovered by Christopher Columbus.Strait of MagellanA sea route through southern South America and Tierra del Fuego; named after Ferdinand Magellan.African states competed to dominate this trade in the 1600's and 1700'sSlaveBoersDutch people who settled in Cape Town, AfricaImportant Spanish trading center through which American (from Mexico) silver flowed through to AsiaPhillipinesCeutaThe first African port occupied by the PortugueseReason China insisted that European traders pay for goods instead of tradingThey didn't want inferior goodsKorea excluded all foreigners after...They were invaded by the Japanese and the ManchusWhen the first European traders arrived in the 1500's, the Japanesewelcomed them and their moneyThe first Europeans to challenge Portuguese domination of Asian tradeDutch(Netherlands)In the 1400's Europeans wanted valuable spices from _____________ and searched for new trade routes to get themthe MoluccasVasco Nunez de BalboaSpanish explorer who became the first European to see the Pacific Ocean in 1510 while traveling overland in PanamaHow European slave traders acquire African slavesThey were brought to ports by Africans who captured themOsei TutuImportant ruler who began centralization and expansion of Asante kingdom.First permanent European settlement in Africa (Sub-Saharan)Cape TownAlfonso de AlbuquerqueDestroyed the Muslim coastal forts with cannons in India to establish Portuguese outposts thereAccepted Confucian system after seizing Beijing in 1664ManchusCaptured Malacca from the Portuguese and had a monopoly on trade in the Spice IslandsNetherlands(Dutch)SepoysIndian troops who served in the British armyQing DynastyEconomically successful dynasty in ChinaThe Japanese reaction to Spain seizing the Philippines Turned against foreign tradersTurned against foreign tradingMing rulers allowed Europeans to trade as long as they Left after tradingLeft after tradingOwn Worldthe world that was known to Europeans before the discovery of the AmericasColombusItalian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain while looking for a route to ChinaPrince Henry the Navigator, was responsible for advances that would make exploration more successful. What were two of his greatest contributions? He founded a school of navigation. He paid for expeditions to explore the west coast of Africa. He taught sailors how to cook. He was a prince.He founded a school of navigation. He paid for expeditions to explore the west coast of Africa.I founded the city of Quebec. Vespucci Cabot Champlain CartierChamplainThese sailors were the first to circumnavigate the world. Christopher Columbus's crew Amerigo Vespucci's crew John Cabot's crew Ferdinand Magellan's crewFerdinand Magellan's crewWhich explorer conquered the Inca Indians? John Cabot Francisco Pizarro Hernando Cortes Ferdinand MagellanFrancisco PizarroA _______ is a navigational instrument for finding directions.compassWhich European explorer conquered the Aztec Indians? John Cabot Ferdinand Magellan Francisco Pizarro Hernando CortesHernando CortesWho was the first Explorer to see the Pacific Ocean? Vasco Nunez de Balboa Leif Eriksson Henry Hudson Marco PoloVasco Nunez de BalboaWhen Columbus thought he had reached the East Indies, where did he really land?Bahamas and San SalvadorWhat was Columbus searching for when he explored these lands?GoldDid Columbus find any gold in San Salvador?NoWhy did the Spanish monarch fund more trips for Columbus if he did not find any gold?Columbus intended to transform the Caribbean Islands into Spanish coloniesWhy was Fernando Cortes able to conquer the Aztec empire?1. superior weaponry 2. more numbersIn 1519, what did Ferdinand Magellan discover?PhillipinesWhat made the Qing Dynasty weak?corruption, peasant unrestWhat item did the British sell to China that helped adjust their trade imbalace with China?OpiumWhat did the Chinese agree to in the Treaty of Nanjing in 1842?To open five coastal ports to British trade, limit taxes on imported British goods, and pay for the costs of the war.What is extraterritoriality?Living in a section of a country set aside for foreigners but not subject to the host country's laws.Who believed that his mission was to destroy the Qing Dynasty?Hong XiuquanWhat was the name of the rebellion that lasted 14 years and killed as many as 20 million people?Tai Ping RebellionWhat was China's policy of "self-strengthening"?That China should adopt Western technology while keeping its confucian values and institutions.Which countries established spheres of influence in China?Britain, Japan, France, Germany, and RussiaWhich country took over the Island of Taiwan from China?JapanWho gave birth to the only son of the Emperor Xian Feng and then ruled China for almost 50 years?Emperor Dowager Ci XiWho were the Boxers?Members of a secret organization called the Society of Harmonious Fists.What did the Chinese have to pay to these countries for having to put down the rebellion?They were forced to pay a heavy indemnity.Who was Sun Yat-sen?The leader of the revolutionary movement that overthrew the Qing Dynasty.What was his 3 step reform process?1) military takeover 2) transitional phase in which Sun's own revolutionary party would prepare for the democratic rule. 3) the final stage of a constitutional democracyWhat group took over China only to be beated and then have the emperor restored to power?Shogun

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