Wordly Wise Book 4 Lesson 7

15 terms by ebonin Plus

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v. to change in some way; to make different; Homophone: altar (n.) a table or platform in churches or temples used as the center of worship


V. to make or become unclear or mixed up in the mind; to mistake one person or thing with another


v. to give out; to divide among several or many


v. to force or throw out


v. to hold closely in one's arms; to hug; to take up seriously


v. to provide with what is needed


adj. able to bend easily


n. a moment; a very short period of time


adj. having a sharp edge; showing strong interest, eager; having sharp senses, quick to understand


v. to walk lamely or on a uneven way


v. to move quickly, with rapid little steps


v. to grasp suddenly; to grab hold of; to take by force of the law


adj. not deep; with little seriousness or deep thought


v. to enclose on all sides


n. one who is hurt, killed, or suffers

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