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  1. What two things is the rate of water flow to a plant dependent upon?
  2. What is emboli?
  3. Apoplast:
  4. What constitutes your stomatal complex?
  5. What is cavitation?
  1. a transfer of water traveling between cell walls and any extra cellular spaces that have water in it on it's way to the root cortex driven by hydrostatic pressure
  2. b the formation of gas bubbles
  3. c guard cells and subsidary cells found in the dumbell shaped guard cells of monocots
  4. d It is the formation of vapor/ gas bubble in flowing water which can rapidly collapse and produce shock waves provding energy to nucleating sites within the xylem.
  5. e the size of the pressure gradient at the root tip and the soil near by and soil hydraulic conductivity

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  1. diffusion rate is directly proportional to the concentration gradient
  2. molecular diffusion and bulk flow
  3. the ease at which the water moves through the soil (remember spaces between soil particles)
  4. in protoplast volume
  5. it is decreased by about 5-10% (elasticity of the cell)

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  1. What are the two components water potential is broken into?osmotic potential and hydrostatic pressure


  2. What kind of pressure is between the xylem and cells?Diffusion, substances move down a concentration gradient, bulk flow moves down a pressure gradient


  3. What is the chemical potential of water?it is the relative expression of the free energy associated with water, it is the difference between the potential as a given state and the potential of substance at a standard state


  4. Transpiration is dependent upon what?the measurement of free energy of water per unit of volume. (J/m^3)


  5. What is the pit membrane of the xylem and why is it important to water transfer?it is the energy used to increase the surface area, the amount of surface area occupied by the interface of air and water. this is important because remember that water is more attracted to itself then to air molecules. (This is what can create contact angels) water generally wants to minimize the surface area at the air water interface