Scott Foresman Science Grade 4 Chapter 7


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What is a hurricane?
a dangerous storm with wind speeds of at least 119 km per hour
Describe a tropical depression
when the speed of the storm winds increases and winds begin to swirl
What is a tropical storm?
when the winds of a tropical depression begin to blow even faster and thunderstorms move in spiral bands toward the area of lowest air pressure
What is a storm surge?
a rise in sea level caused by a storm's winds
What is a tornado?
a rapidly spinning funnel of air that descends from a thunderstorm cloud
What is a vortex?
an area where air or liquid spins in circles
What is a hurricane's source of energy?
warm ocean waters
What does a computer model's hurricane forecast do?
It predicts hurricane strength, direction, and speed and tells where the hurricane is and where it might be heading
Where is the safest place to go to during a tornado?
bathtub, hallway, basement
What are the stages of a hurricane?
tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane
A hurricane forms when winds reach how many km per hour?
119km per hour
What are the differences between dust devil/tornado?
dust devils are not part of a thunderstorm, and winds are much slower