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which phrase best describes the Mediterranean climate.
Hot, dry summers, mild, rainy winters
what body of water that has lost its red coral due to overfishing and pollution.
Mediterranean Sea
why was King Philip of Macedonia was able to conquer Greece
Sparta and Athens was weakened by war
how was the Roman Republic was different from earlier governments in Italy
Citizens had rights/roles
purpose of the Crusades
Take back Holy lands from Muslims
how does the North Atlantic Drift affect Europe
Makes climate warmer/milder
how did Pericles improve Athens' power
Strong navy
Roman Way
Set of values for Roman citizens
what ended the Roman Republic
Octavian became emperor
List the legacy Roman engineers left
Roads, aqueducts, arches
who moved the capital of the empire to Byzantium and made Christianity legal
result of the bubonic plague
Millions of people died
how did the invention of the printing press change Europe
More people could gain knowledge
Michelangelo and Da Vinci were
Water on three sides
general climate of Europe
how is it like that
climate, winds, and latitude make it varied
what factors led Europe to conducted so much trade
Easy access to water
why are the Danube and Rhine Rivers in europe so important
why did Europe develop fishing industries
Plenty of coastline
Mediterranean Sea has been harmed by :
Pollution, overfishing, overdevelopment
why did Greek city-states developed independently from one another
Geography made it difficult to communicate/travel
what flourished during the Golden Age of Greece
Democracy, wealth, culture
three branches of government when Rome was a republic
Executive, legislative, judicial
how big the Roman Empire was at its height
Spanned three continents
what two forces were most powerful during the Middle Ages
Church and feudalism
Rebirth of arts, philosophy, and culture
what caused the Renaissance
Revival of learning, end of medieval times, new ideas/beliefs
Belief that humans are important
what ideas experienced a revival during the Renaissance
Ancient Greek/Roman ideas/values
why did the Renaissance began in Italy
Had many wealthy trading cities, leading to exchange of luxury goods and ideas
how are the Middle Ages and the Renaissance diffrent
People had more freedom, a centralized government with laws and structure, and education and learning was encouraged more during this time rather than in the Middle Ages.
to change
Someone who disagreed with the church's teaching and broke away from Catholic church.
Buying forgiveness of sins.
why was Martin Luther accused of heresy
He challenged the teachings of the Pope and the church
when and where the Magna Carta was signed
1215 Runnymeade
What would be required of the king after the Magna Carta if he wanted to raise taxes
Approval of barons
Which American document was most influenced by the Magna Carta
U.S. Constitution