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Early Gothic time period


High gothic: Rayonnant time period


Late Gothic: Flamboyant Gothic time period

after 1300

Perpendicular Gothic time period

after 1350

Perpendicular Gothic location


First Gothic building


Gothic building begins in this country


Characterized by this support system

flying buttresses

Gothic manuscripts influenced by this

stained glass

Late Gothic period marked by these 3 events

The Hundred Years' War, the Babylonian Captivity, and the Black Death

Dates of the Hundred Year's War


Overseer of a manuscript

chef d'atelier

Overseer of a cathedral

master builder

Earliest example of flying buttresses is found here

Notre dame

Characterized by round columns in interior, rib vaults only go to tops of capitals

Early Gothic

Notre Dame and Saint-Denis are examples

Early Gothic

rib vaults go from ceiling to floor, larger window space, choirs, and chevets, compound piers common, more scultpure on facade

High Gothic

Amiens and Chartres are examples

High Gothic

Large rose windows, thing groups of column shafts, refined tracery


Saint-Chapelle is an example


highly decorative, a lot of pinnacles and tracery, ogree arches


Saint-Maclou is an example


pronounced central spires, small flying buttresses and portals, lower towers, wide facades with a lot of sculpture, nave ends in square, often has 2 transepts

English Gothic

enormous window spaces interlaced with elaborate decorative vertical patterns of stone tracery, fan vaults

Perpendicular Gothic

Patron of Saint-Denis

Abbot Suger

radiating chapels open up to create a continuous space, rib vaults stop at capitals, a lot of stained glass, pointed arches


Saint-Denis (dates)


Notre Dame (date)

begun 1150s

Notre Dame (location)

Paris, France

rib vaults stop at capitals, sexpartite vaults which span 2 bays, flying buttresses used on large scale

Notre Dame

Notre Dame facade first floor

portal sculpture

Notre Dame facade second floor

gallery of 28 kings from Old Testament

Notre Dame facade third floor

rose window

Notre Dame facade fourth floor

hanging space for cathedral bells

Notre Dame facade fifth floor

bell towers

Chartres Cathedral (date)

begun 1134

Chartres Cathedral (location)

Chartres, France

high gothic nave, each vault spans 1 bay, large windows, legendary stained glass, north tower added later

Chartres Cathedral

Amiens Cathedral (location)

Amiens, France

Amiens Cathedral (date)

begun 1220

high gothic, 4-part rib vaults, vaults very high, sculpture above doors in arches, narrow nave enhances verticality

Amiens Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral (date)

begun 1220

Salisbury Cathedral (location)

Salisbury, England

Saint-Denis (image)

Notre Dame (image)

Chartres Cathedral (image)

Amiens Cathedral (image)

Salisbury Cathedral (image)

Sainte-Chapelle (image)

Saint-Maclou (image)

wide facade with a lot of sculpture, subdued flying buttresses, 2 transepts, square apse, long horizontal emphasis, tal central spire added in 19th century

Salisbury Cathedral

Sainte-Chapelle (dates)


Sainte-Chapelle (location)

Paris, France

rayonnant style, 3/4 of wall space is windows, slender columns, adjoins royal palace


Built to house sacred artifacts by Louis IX, including the crown of thorns


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