computer exam

In the spreadsheet formula C7*(A9-A1), which math operation will calculate first
Which chart generated from spreadsheet data would campare values that represent parts of a whole?
A selected group of cells treated as a unit on a spreadsheet is called a:
=SUM(B5:B11) is an example of a
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of spreadsheets?
Searchng for specific names and making envelope labels
Which of the following statements about chart
organization is TRUE
a. It is easier to add more rows, so you should put the data which is like a list in the rows. Correct
b. It does not matter where the information is placed. Incorrect
c. Columns are good for long lists of different data, such as entries into a checkbook registry. Incorrect
d. It is best to put the fixed number of categories in the rows.
What does it mean when a pie chart is a "exploded"
Part, or all of the wedges are pulled away from the center
Which of the following would find the highest value within a selected range?
In this IF function =IF(B5>0,A11,"False"), what is the displayed in the cell if the logical test is true
The value of cell A11`
How do you use the "Format Painter"?
Copy the look of a selected cell to another cell
Which type of chart contains more than one data series in the form of rings showing the relationship of parts to a whole?
Choose one answer.
a. Doughnut Correct
b. Bubble Incorrect
c. Area Incorrect
d. Pie Incorrect
In a spreadsheet, format means:
How the spreadsheet looks and values are displayed.
What proceedure would you use if you have 5 columns of formulas and you want to enter similar formulas in the next five rows?
Fill Handle
n spreadsheet formula, ^ stands for what mathematical symbol?
Which type of chart shows data changes over a period of time or among items and can be clustered, stacked, or 3-D?
Which of the following is NOT used in creating a chart:
View the formulas
Which one of the following charts generated from a football statistics spreadsheet could compare the performance of the team from year to year?
If using the fill handle to insert data, what would the computer place next if you already had "Version 1.25" and "Version 1.75" written in the cells?
Version 2.25
Windows 7 is an example of
System software
What is an average size of a computer's hard drive
200 GB
Explain how Moodle is an example of cloud storage?
Cloud storage is extra space for like facebook and twitter.
What does CPU stand for
computer processing unit
What is the term used for a set of instructions, which help the user tell the computer what to do
software program
How many bytes in a gigabyte?
About one billion
Which type of CD would you buy if you buy if you want to add music to it several times
What is a byte?
One character of information
What term is used for individual picture elements?
What is NOT a common name for flash memory?
Thumb storage
What is the term for a larger first letter of a paragraph?
drop cap
What is the shortcut key for Paste?
control v