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he agreed
THAT he had been wrong.
TO HELP her with the test
he claimed
THAT he had seen the UFO.
TO BE a vegetarian.
she complained
THAT I never share any secrets with her.
She admitted
THAT she had been unfriendly to him
He denied
THAT he had broken the cup
She exclaimed
THAT she was very happy.
He explained
THAT there was no point in going there at that very moment
She recommended
THAT we stayed at home
He recommended
HER TO change the password immediately.
He proved
THAT the system worked
They insisted
THAT I need to be present at the meeting
She regrets
THAT she can't go on a vacation this year.
The witness stated
THAT she had never seen the young man before
Dad promised
THAT he will be back no later than eight o'clock
Sara promised
NOT TO be late.
He suggested
THAT they spent the evening together.
The scientists asserted
THAT nuclear power is a safe and non-polluting kind of energy.
Some astronomers contend
THAT the Earth may be much younger than previously thought
Financial analysts maintain
MAINTAIN THAT the new economic reforms may lead to a new crisis in the country.
The court declared
THAT Brown's case should be reviewed
Her grin implied
THAT she was still angry.
The officer observed
THAT he was driving over 90 miles per hour.
The judge noted
THAT the defendant had no previous criminal record
Dad commented
THAT his daughter's friend's behavior was absolutely outrageous.
She pointed out
обращать внимание
THAT it is very important to earn enough to be independent
The manager informed me
THAT I will be interviewed on Thursday.
Dad warned the son
THAT the liquid was very dangerous.
She persuaded
HER FRIEND TO buy the jacket.
She told us
THAT he had spent the whole weekend working on his thesis.
The neighbour advised
HER THAT she should visit her grandparents more often.
The doctor advised
Mrs. Evans reminded
HIM THAT he should take away the suit from the dry-cleaner's
He demanded
TO GIVE the money he had paid back to him
He offered
TO MAKE some coffee for us.
She decided
TO GO to Germany next year.
He refused
TO accompany her to the party.
She threatened
TO call the police unless he left
The teacher allowed
He asked
HER TO LET him know when the dinner would be ready
He begged
HER TO STAY with him
He commanded
HIM TO TURN to the left and go straight ahead.
The friend encouraged
HER TO call him.
Mother forbade
HER LITTLE SON TO touch the dog.
She instructed
HIM TO mix the eggs with some sugar.
They invited
US TO come on Saturday.
He ordered
THE BOY TO come in and sit down.
She permitted
HIM TO smoke there.
He persuaded
CHARLES TO go out somewhere for a drink.
Mom reminded
ME TO put the oven mittens on.
Susan urged
THEM TO get in touch.
She told
HIM TO close the window as it was too cold in there.
She warned
THE KID NOT TO touch the boiling kettle.
She didn't want
MARY TO know that.
He denied
HAVING stolen the necklace.
He admitted
HAVING broken the machine.
The doctor recommended
DRINKING more water.
Mike suggested
GOING to Greece in summer.
He regrets
WASTING so much time on computer games
The nutritionist advises
DRINKING a glass of water every time before meals.
He apologized for not
SPENDING enough time with the family.
The boy admitted
TO HAVING broken the window
She boasted
ABOUT BEING the senior manager of the company.
He objected
TO REWRITINGthe article.
He insisted
ON SEEING the new movie.
The witness accused
HIM OF HAVING killed John.
Leo complained
TO HIS BROTHER ABOUT BEING sick and tired with that boring project.
She criticized
HER DAUGHTER FOR BEING always inattentive.
She blamed
HIM FOR BEING absolutely heartless.
They congratulated
The mayor praised
THE RESCUE TEAM FOR BEING very courageous.
Jane suspected
ANN OF HAVING told her secret.