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region to which Abraham/Sarah went at God's call; location of his family
city where residents of different nations tried to work together to build tower to God
the main city in Epic of Gilgamesh
Land in which the Jews were exiled; representative of "evil" cities/conglomerations of peoples
Mt. Sinai
Covenant with Moses; God appears in FIRE, STORM
Evil cities which God wants to destroy; Abraham saves them by arguing with God; challenges God
Mt. Ararat
Resting place of Noah's Ark
Mt. Moriah
Temple of the Mount in Jerusalem; where Abraham makes Covenant with Yahweh
Mt. Horeb
Where God speaks name Yahweh to Moses during burning bush episode; where Eli takes refuge when hiding from Jezebel
archetypal enemy of Israel
southern of the 2 centers of worship in the northern kingdom of israel where jeroboam set up golden calfs for the people to worship; means house of God
Sons of Noah
Abraham and Sarah
the first patriarch and matriarch of the Israelites; they made a covenant with God that He would bless them with a son if they listen to Him, worship only Him alone, and leave their hometown of Ur and go to the promise land
Abraham's nephew; saved from Sodom/Gomorrah but then his daughters sleep with him
Hagar and Ishmael
Sleeps with Abraham to produce first son; then banished to Arabia by Sarah; God still blesses Ishmael
Isaac and Rebecca
After the death of his wife Sarah, Abraham realizes his son Isaac is of age to be married, but he fears that Isaac will marry a sinful women from Canaan. Isaac knows that he has to marry a woman from Canaan in order to promote his faith and it was also part of God's plan. In the end, Isaac defies his own father to follow God's orders and marries a Canaan woman named Rebecca. Rebecca is very independent, births twins Jacob and Esau; shapes Jacob's destiny to be the inheritor of the Covenant
Jacob's uncle in Haran and Rebekah's brother. Marries both of his daughters to Jacob.
Jacob's Ladder
In a dream, while sleeping on a stone, Jacob saw a ladder with angels going to heaven, he then made the stone holly and build a temple with it
Jacob and Esau
were twins. To gain his father's blessing, Jacob dressed as Esau and tricked his blind, old father, Isaac, into giving him the blessing of first born even though it rightfully belonged to Esau.* Jacob can be alluded to someone who tricks and deceives others to get what he wants.
Leah and Rachel
Laban's daughters; two wives of Jacob; Rachel is the one which Jacob originally wanted and worked seven years for but got Leah instead so had to work more to get Rachel
jacob's only daughter and was raped by prince of Schechem
Hebrew Midwives
ordered to kill all Israeli newborn baby boys, did not comply and were rewarded by God
Pharoah's daughter
adopts Moses who is floating down the Nile River because Moses' mom didn't want her son to be killed for being a Jewish son & she ends up nursing him
Moses' brother; weakly built the golden calf for the people
older sister of Moses and Aaron, ensured moses would be rescued in the banks of the nile, author of song of the seas
Moses' successor who led the Israelites into the Promised Land
David's daughter, raped by her half-brother Amnon
was a king and priest who blesses Abram
First King of Israel
wicked king of israel led by his phonecian wife Jezebel, he established the cult of baal and persecuted the worshippers of the true God
Fled to egypt from King Solomon. The first king of the northern Israelite Kingdom of Israel. Son of Nebat. Made two golden calves for the people of Israel (1 at bethel, the other at dan) which made the people sin. Rebuked by an unknown prophet from Judah
This King of Judah who feared an invasion from Syria and Israel. He asked the Assyrians for help and had to pledge loyalty to Assyria and forced to recognize false gods. Father of Hezekiah
The son of wicked Ahaz who became the second best king of Judah, helped organize the books of Psalms and Proverbs and the greatest Passover celebration since Solomon.
king of judah who destroyed all his father hezekiah's reforms and persecuted the followers of the true God. After many disasters, he repented and turned back to God
King Amon
Son and successor of Manasseh. Restored idolatry and set up images that his father had cast down. Instead of humbling himself and repenting like his father did, he "increased his guilt" (2 Chronicles 33:23) and thus his own officials conspired against him and killed him in his own palace.
good king who instituted many reforms; yet reforms were not enough to save Israel from Babylonian invasion and exile
Hiram of Tyre
A king who greatly enlarged his city. He helped out with making the Temple by providing wood and workmen and made commercial treaties with David as well.
king of Assyri; Ahaz paid him silver
The Assyrian General who besieged Jerusalem and saw his army defeated by the prayer of Hezekiah.
King of Babylon who finally conquered Judah and carried the Israelites off to exile in Babylon
God wanted Elijah to annoint him next King of Syria; so he kills Ben-Haddad in order to fulfill that prophecy
Good priest, good man; but his sons were terrible --> Eli died because he should have corrected his sons . Eli trained Samuel
Seventh son of Jacob; first reference to a King's Prophet (serves David as his Prophet)
Prophet for david
The great prophet who challenged the pagan rulers of Israel. He was taken up to Heaven in a fiery chariot.
a non writing prophet of the northern kingdom, carried on the mission of Elijah and performed many works of wonders and becomes known for his healing power
Prophet; Judgment Day; Universal God; Israel judged like all nations
Prophet in three parts; mountain of God; Remnant
Prominent along the Tigris River. Did not seek integration or political power, but did seize Neo-Hittite states throughout Syria up until eighth century.
wife of David; she grew to hate him; daughter of Saul
Good wife of David
David's downfall
Convinced Ahab to worship Baal and persecute prophets
Widow of Sidon
Protects Elijah when he is being persecuted by Jezebel/Ahab
Witch of Endor
Saul asks the Witch to summon Samuel's ghost
In 1 Samuel 5:1-12, the Philistine god that fell to the ground and was shattered in the presence of the Ark of God
Saul's son and David's BFF
Prophet who writes about return from exile
Prophet writing also about Ezra; left service for Persian King in order to rebuild walls of Jerusalem
The Servant
What is Moses called in Joshua 1?
The Beloved
Song of Songs directed at beloved
The Lover
Song of Songs speaker
The Chronicler
Definitely edited Chronicles, Probably Ezra and Nehemiah also, Emphasizes worship, especially in the Temple, God rewards the faithful and punishes the unfaithful
mixed population of Israelites who survived deportations after the northern kingdom fell.
David entrusts his parents to the King of Moab; first foreign relations
neighboring enemy nation of Israel
This king returned to paganism after Manasseh, he was assassinated by his own people because he was so bad
Job's Advocate
someone he invents to advocate for him in court of law in which God is prosecuting him -- because FAIRNESS; JUSTICE