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  1. What were the three regions of the English Colonies?
  2. What are the lengths of terms of office for President, Senator, Representative, and Supreme Court Judge?
  3. Giles Corey
  4. How were the Spanish and the French different in their approach to colonization?
  5. Who was (is) known as the Father of the Country? The Father of the Constitution? The Father of the National Debt?
  1. a George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton
  2. b middle,south, and north
  3. c "More weight!"
  4. d 4 years, 6 years, 2 years, life
  5. e the french were good to the indians so that they could develop a fur trade, but the spanish made the indians their slaves and were very mean to them

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  1. they were more desperate for work, they took less pay, and if they died you didn't have to pay them
  2. was led by Daniel Shays it was a protest against the land being taken away and they were aked to pay taxes with gold coins when they were getting paid with gold coins
  3. economic theory where a country's wealth is measured by gold and silver (exporting greater than imports), A crop that is grown to be sold for money instead of being used for personal needs, someone who learns trade from a master crafts person
  4. They were passed as a punishment from the Boston Tea Party. The port of Boston was shutdown, colonists couldn't hold town meetings, officers had to be tried in England or Canada, there was a new Quartering Act passed
  5. the chief of Wampanoag. he was the war leader of the Wampanoag in King Phillip's war

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  1. Who was at the Constitutional Convention? Who famously wasn't?all states attended except GA and RI


  2. Why was it important to assume all the debts?it was the forceable capture of american soildiers and put into the british navy


  3. How was the French and Indian War part of a longer conflict?the war put England in debt so they taxed the Americas


  4. what were the French looking for in the colinization of americathe northwest passage


  5. How did Spain's new-found wealth come to hurt them in the long run?they had lots of money from the gold but no food or crops to live on