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  1. what is blue blood?
  2. A French official at the end of the war
  3. what were the French looking for in the colinization of america
  4. John Adams, quoting the Marquess di Beccaria
  5. the 3 major foreign countries who came to America's aid in terms of national support
  1. a the northwest passage
  2. b France,Spain,Holand
  3. c "They stand no longer in need of her protection. She will call on them to contribute towards supporting the burdens they have helped bring on to her, and they will answer by striking off all dependence."
  4. d nobility or social prominence
  5. e "If I can be but the instrument of preserving one life, his blessing or tears of transport shall be sufficient consolation to me, for the contempt of all mankind"

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  1. a victory that is exceptionally costly in terms of troops an example is Bunker Hill
  2. 4 years, 6 years, 2 years, life
  3. England started colonies so that they could get taxes because they were in debt from the french and indian war but he people went for religious freedom
  4. the British agreed to give the US the Mississippi River as a western boundary IF the US would sign the treaty ignoring its French allies The US also promised to pay Loyalists for the property they lost or had had destroyed. The British also had to remove all british troops from america
  5. economic theory where a country's wealth is measured by gold and silver (exporting greater than imports), A crop that is grown to be sold for money instead of being used for personal needs, someone who learns trade from a master crafts person

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  1. How were some of the ways the English used to finance their passage to americaSpain, Britain, Holland, France


  2. What was the Albany Plan? Who originally thought of it?A plan by Ben Franklin to "unite the colonies"


  3. Why use an Irishman in place of a slave?nobility or social prominence


  4. How did Spain's new-found wealth come to hurt them in the long run?he kept the u.s nuetral and out of conflict


  5. Who was at the Constitutional Convention? Who famously wasn't?Lief Ericsson and the Vikings