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  1. What were the main advantages in favor of the Americans in the war?
  2. what is blue blood?
  3. What were the famous three "G's" of Spanish exploration?
  4. the 3 major foreign countries who came to America's aid in terms of national support
  5. What was Salutary Neglect? Why did this end?
  1. a France,Spain,Holand
  2. b nobility or social prominence
  3. c gurrila warfare- while they lined up to shoot americans hid behind bushes, trees, ect. also we could get troops easyer because our troops were in america wheras they had to ship Eurapean troops from England
  4. d Britain basically ignored the colonies before the French and Indian war it ended because England needed tax money from the colonies
  5. e Spain said it was conquering was for GOD,glory, and gold but they really wanted GOLD, GLORY, and god

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  1. the chief of Wampanoag. he was the war leader of the Wampanoag in King Phillip's war
  2. the war put England in debt so they taxed the Americas
  3. middle,south, and north
  4. they had no vote in parliment if they had to pay or not and England said they were being represented by other Englishmen
  5. joint stock companies or to become indentured servants

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  1. What were the 2 things that the 1st Continental Congress did?they planned to meet again in a year and they created the Olive branch petion


  2. what were the French looking for in the colinization of americathe northwest passage


  3. Why should we admire Giles Coreythe chief of Wampanoag. he was the war leader of the Wampanoag in King Phillip's war


  4. Who were some of the leaders of colonial resistance against the british?middle,south, and north


  5. How did Adams' handle the XYZ affair?He rode out himself to put it down