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  1. What were the three regions of the English Colonies?
  2. Who was (is) known as the Father of the Country? The Father of the Constitution? The Father of the National Debt?
  3. Why were the Americans upset over the taxes that they had to pay? What was the British view on this?
  4. What is Mercantilism? Cash Crop? An Apprentice?
  5. In terms of who was in charge, what were the 3 types of colonies started by the English?
  1. a economic theory where a country's wealth is measured by gold and silver (exporting greater than imports), A crop that is grown to be sold for money instead of being used for personal needs, someone who learns trade from a master crafts person
  2. b they had no vote in parliment if they had to pay or not and England said they were being represented by other Englishmen
  3. c Royal-ruled by a direct official of the king
    Proprietary-ruled by a company
    Charter-ruled by a family
  4. d George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton
  5. e middle,south, and north

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  1. raw materials (cotton, tobacco, rum) from America to Europe, manufactured goods from Europe to Africa, slaves from Africa to the Americas
  2. Gave all powers to the states; No central authority; Messed up economy; No central government; Had to ask states for permission to tax and take money. It got us through the revolution
  3. Henry VIII
  4. when somebody says that your spector (spirit) assaulted them
  5. France,Spain,Holand

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  1. While Spain came for gold and France set up trading companies, why did England want to start colonies? Why did their people want to leave England?Henry VIII


  2. William Pitt on the French"I would have been content to bring France to her knees, now I will not rest until I have laid her on her back."


  3. Tell of the British enforcements of mercantilism and discipline in the years after the French and Indian War?they only allowed trade with england and no other foriegn countries


  4. An American soldier giving reason why he foughtthey were more desperate for work, they took less pay, and if they died you didn't have to pay them


  5. A French official at the end of the warThe first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, added after the Constitution was ratified, in order to protect individuals from a strong central goverment