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  1. How did Washington handle the Whiskey Rebellion
  2. Who were some of the leaders of colonial resistance against the british?
  3. Who were Washington's cabinet members?
  4. Who was (is) known as the Father of the Country? The Father of the Constitution? The Father of the National Debt?
  5. While Spain came for gold and France set up trading companies, why did England want to start colonies? Why did their people want to leave England?
  1. a England started colonies so that they could get taxes because they were in debt from the french and indian war but he people went for religious freedom
  2. b Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, something Randolf(idk if u know click edit the password is<3) and Thomas Jefferson.
  3. c The Sons of Liberty
  4. d George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton
  5. e He rode out himself to put it down

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  1. A plan by Ben Franklin to "unite the colonies"
  2. the french were good to the indians so that they could develop a fur trade, but the spanish made the indians their slaves and were very mean to them
  3. they had no vote in parliment if they had to pay or not and England said they were being represented by other Englishmen
  4. Gave all powers to the states; No central authority; Messed up economy; No central government; Had to ask states for permission to tax and take money. It got us through the revolution
  5. the war put England in debt so they taxed the Americas

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  1. What are the lengths of terms of office for President, Senator, Representative, and Supreme Court Judge?4 years, 6 years, 2 years, life


  2. What were the three regions of the English Colonies?The 3/5 compromise (all slaves are counted as 3/5 of a person) the Great compromise (a compromise creating the house and senate) and the electoral college


  3. Why was it important to assume all the debts?They were passed as a punishment from the Boston Tea Party. The port of Boston was shutdown, colonists couldn't hold town meetings, officers had to be tried in England or Canada, there was a new Quartering Act passed


  4. An American soldier giving reason why he fought"We have always governed ourselves."


  5. Under what great queen did England really start to grow?"I may not be a lion, but I am a lion's cub, and I have a lion's heart."