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  1. How did Washington handle the Whiskey Rebellion
  2. Tell of the British enforcements of mercantilism and discipline in the years after the French and Indian War?
  3. What event led to the beginning of the English overtaking the Spanish as a world power?
  4. Why use an Irishman in place of a slave?
  5. Who was Metacomet?
  1. a when queen elizabeth defeated the spanish aramada
  2. b they were more desperate for work, they took less pay, and if they died you didn't have to pay them
  3. c they only allowed trade with england and no other foriegn countries
  4. d the chief of Wampanoag. he was the war leader of the Wampanoag in King Phillip's war
  5. e He rode out himself to put it down

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  1. was led by Daniel Shays it was a protest against the land being taken away and they were aked to pay taxes with gold coins when they were getting paid with gold coins
  2. middle,south, and north
  3. Colonists were attacking british troops so they fired in self defense, He said all should be treated equal
  4. so we could get a national credit
  5. 4 years, 6 years, 2 years, life

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  1. How were the Spanish and the French different in their approach to colonization?middle,south, and north


  2. the 3 major foreign countries who came to America's aid in terms of national supportgurrila warfare- while they lined up to shoot americans hid behind bushes, trees, ect. also we could get troops easyer because our troops were in america wheras they had to ship Eurapean troops from England


  3. How did Adams' handle the XYZ affair?he kept the u.s nuetral and out of conflict


  4. How did Spain's new-found wealth come to hurt them in the long run?they had lots of money from the gold but no food or crops to live on


  5. What were the famous three "G's" of Spanish exploration?middle,south, and north