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"Mouth" Sukkoth Species


"Spine" Sukkoth Species


"Eyes" Sukkoth Species


"Heart" Sukkoth Species



Festival of Booths

What day of what Judaic month is Sukkoth?

15th day of Tishri

How long is Sukkoth?

8 days

What does Sukkoth celebrate?

The time spent in the desert after the Exodus


Booth with 3 walls and a hole in the roof

What does the hole in a Sukkah's ceiling represent?

God watching over us

Seudat Mitzvah

Celebration feast after a bar/bat mitzvah


10 adult jewish men necessary to lead religious ceremonies

Bar Mitzvah

Son of the Commandment

Bat Mitzvah

Daughter of the Commandment

What does a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrate?

The passage from childhood to adulthood

Balfour Declaration

Declared that Britain would support the creation of Israel

When was the Balfour Declaration published?



Jewish National movement to create a Jewish state in Palestine

What does emptying breadcrumbs into a river symbolize on Rosh Hashanah?

Sins being released and forgiven


Ram's horn trumpet

Food on Rosh Hashanah

Apples dipped in honey, challah

Rosh Hashanah

Jewish New Year

What is banned on Yom Kippur?

Eating, Drinking, Sex, Leather shoes, bathing, perfume

Kol Nidre Prayer

First prayer on Yom Kippur, releases a person from the promises with God they cannot keep

What does Matzah represent?

The bread that did not have time to rise during the Exodus

Shank of lamb on a Seder plate

The lamb who's blood covered the doorframes on the Jew's houses so that the angel of death would "pass over" them

Hard Boiled egg on a Seder plate

New life, new beginnings

Bitter herbs on a Seder plate

The tears of the Slaves


crushed apples and nuts

Haroset on a Seder plate

The mortar of the buildings the slaves had to build

Green Veggies on a Seder plate

how good life was before slavery

5 things on a Seder plate

Bitter herbs, hard boiled egg, green veggies, haroset, shank of lamb

Start of Passover

15th day of Nissan

Date of Yom Kippur

10th day of Tishri

Yom Kippur's significance

the day your fate/luck for the coming year is sealed

10 days of repentance

From Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur

10th plague of Egypt

First born of every house dies

9th plague of Egypt

Dense fog blinded everyone

8th plague of Egypt

Locusts blacked out the sky

7th Plague of Egypt

Huge hail storm killed everything outside

6th Plague of Egypt

A rash covered every living thing

5th plague of Egypt

All the livestock died

4th Plague of Egypt

Millions of flies covered everything

3rd Plague of Egypt

Lice and gnats covered everything

2nd Plague of Egypt

Frogs covered the land

1st Plague of Egypt

The Nile turned to Blood

Shemini Atzeret

8th day of Sukkoth, yearly cycle of Torah reading ends and new one begins


Jews from Central and Eastern Europe


Jews from Iberia

Sephardic Language


Ashkenazi Language



Food that meets the requirements of the Jewish Dietary laws

Kosher (meat and dairy rule)

The two cannot be cooked or eaten together, and separate utensils must be used to prepare them

Kosher (fish rule)

Fish must have fins and scales

Kosher (animal rule)

Must have 4 feet, split hooves and chew the cud


Forbidden food under the rule of Kosher

Kosher (animal death rules)

cannot have died of natural causes, cannot have any blood remaining in the body, no physical blemishes




pausing, hesitation




deflecting, deviating



4 Kosher labels

Orthodox Union, The Organized Kashrus Laboratories, Star-K Kosher Certification, Kof-K Supervision Organization


Weekly day of rest for Jews.

What does Abraham mean?

father of many nations


Abraham's first son by Hagar (First son)


Abraham's first son by Sarah (Second son)

Moses Maimonides

Wrote the Mishneh Torah (rabbinic commentaries on the Torah)

Orthodox Judaism

Jews who follow all of the rules set in the Code of Jewish law

Difference between Conservative and Orthodox Jews

Whether you believe there is a human element in the Torah

When was the first temple destroyed?

586 BC

When was the second temple destroyed?

70 AD

What is a Synagogue?

A building or place of meeting for Jewish worship and religious instruction

How do people sit in an Orthodox Synagogue?

Men sit downstairs and woman sit separately in the wings or on the balconys

How do people sit in a Reform Synagogue?

Men and women sit together


A hat that Jewish men wear to Synagogue

First day of Hanukkah

25 of Kislev


An elevated platform in a Synagogue from which the Torah is read

Which direction does the Bimah face

Toward Jerusalem


Book of Brightness


Book of Radiance

Abraham Abulafa

Opened the study of Kabbalah to those who do not understand Hebrew


Literal interpretation of the Torah


Homiletical interpretation of the Torah


Allegorical interpretation of the Torah


Secret interpretation of the Torah

Adam Kadmon

the "heavenly man" or body of God. The divine prototype of humanity, his body is represented by the Sefirot

Torah (kabbalistic Belief)

The torah is the feminine embodiment of God


That god is no-thing, no specific thing we can understand


First Sefirot, "first ripple of will", "God's will to reveal himself"


Second Sefirot, "seed of god's creation"


Third Sefirot, "womb of creation"


(11th) secret Sefirot, "Internalization of knowledge"


Fourth Sefirot, "love, mercy and expansiveness"


Fifth Sefirot, "Strictness, rules, and limitations"


Sixth Sefirot, "the union of good and evil" "There is a point to all of this"


Seventh Sefirot, "animalistic urge to expand and conquer"


Eighth Sefirot, "the impulse to sacrifice for the greater good"


Ninth Sefirot, "the urge to continue our species, while in balance with the rest of your ecosystem"


Tenth Sefirot, "Our perception of reality"


The world of God; god is all.


World of angels


Angel who guards Yetzirah


World of "Eden", Ideal human world


World of Shells, the world we live in now


Deep spiritual understanding of god

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