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intelligence test

Psychologists use_______ to assess individuals' mental aptitudes and compare them with those of others.

identify clusters of closely related test items.

Factor analysis is a statistical procedure that can be used to.

savant syndrome

In 8 to 10 seconds, the late memory whiz Kim Peek could read and remember the contents of a book page. Yet, he had little capacity for understanding abstract concepts. Kim's mental capacities best illustrate.


The ability to produce novel and valuable ideas is called.

emotional intelligence

Although Nicole scored well above average on an academic aptitude test, she frequently loses her temper and needlessly antagonizes even her best friends. Her behavior best illustrates a low level of.

identify children likely to have difficulty learning in regular school classes.

Binet designed a test of intellectual abilities in order to

A selective breeding of highly intelligent people

The eugenics movement would have been most likely to encourage

aptitude tests

Tests designed to predict ability to learn new skills are called.

assess learned knowledge or skills

Achievement tests are designed to


About ____ percent of WAIS scores fall between 85 and 115


If a test yields consistent results every time it is used, it has a high degree of

need or desire that energizes and directs behavior toward a goal

Motivation is defined by psychologists as


An instinctive behavior is one that is

a drive

For a thirsty person, drinking water serves to reduce

the body's tendency to maintain a constant internal state

Homeostasis, which is the goal of drive reduction, is defined as

food and water

The most basic or lowest-level need in Maslow's hierarchy of human motives includes the need for

person might choose to die than betray his or her country

On the basis of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, one would be LEAST likely to predict that a

grammar test

Girls are most likely to outperform boys in a

Detecting other people's emotions

Research suggests that women are more skilled than men at

very persistent and difficult to change

A homosexual orientation is

the reported backgrounds of homosexuals and heterosexuals are similar

Research on the environmental conditions that influence sexual orientation indicates that

a maternal immune response

It has been suggested that the fraternal birth-order effect is a result of

fruit flies

By manipulating a single gene, scientists have been able to control sexual orientation in

a cognitive label, physical arousal

According to the two-factor theory, the two basic components of emotions are _____ and _______

two-factory theory

Noticing that his heart was pounding and that his palms were sweaty while he was taking a difficult test, Harley concluded that he was "anxious" Noticing that his heart was pounding and that his palms were sweaty when an attractive lady asked him to dance, Harley concluded that he was "falling in love" The differing emotions experienced by Harley can best be explained by the


As her professor distributed the mathematics test to the class, Blair's heart started to pound and her palms began to sweat. These physiological reactions were activated by her ____ nervous system.

test performance is influenced by cultural experiences

Intelligence tests are "biased" in the sense that

best, very low

Thaddeus will play a violin solo at his school tomorrow. His musical performance is likely to be _______ if his physiological arousal during the performance is_____

perspiration levels

Boyd, a suspect in a criminal investigation, has agreed to take a lie detector test. The machine used in this test is most likely to measure his


People are especially good at quickly detecting facial expressions of

introverts do better than extroverts, and women do better than men

In terms of ability to recognize others' facial expressions of emotion


The term catharsis refers to emotional

are young or old

A general sense of happiness or life satisfaction is most unrelated to wheter people

alarm reaction, resistance, and exhaustion

The three successive phases of the general adaptation syndrome are

Philip, a competitive, hot-tempered corporation president

Who is the best example of a Type A personality

rats could control the termination of the shocks

Rats that received electric shocks were unlikely to develop ulcers if the

aerobic exercise, relaxation exercises

Mildly depressed female college students assigned to a program of _____ reported a greater decrease in depression than those assigned to a program of _____


An individual's characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting is his or her

free association

reporting whatever thoughts come to mind even if they are trivial or embarrassing is characteristic of


when 2 year old Matthew was told he would get not dessert until he finish the food on his plate , he thew his plate on the ground in a temper tantrum. freud would have suggested that Matthew was unable to resist the demands of


banish anxiety arousing thoughts from consciousness


retreating to a more infantile psychosexual stage


the defense mechanism by which people disguise threatening impulses by attributing them to others is called


children who release unexpressed anger toward their parents b kicking the family dog illustrate the defense mechanism of


a refusal to believe direct and highly credible evidence that your spouse is suffering a terminal illness best illustrates


Rorschach inkblot test results diagnose many normal adults as disordered. this indicates that the test


Survivor's vivid memories of Nazi death camp experiences most clearly challenge Freud's concept of

unconditional positive regard

carl rogers referred to an attitude of total acceptance toward another person as


Sheryl is a very outgoing and fun-loving.she prefers to be around other people most the time.she most clearly ranks high in the big 5 trait dimensions known as

individuals can influence their own outcomes in life

those who perceive an internal locus of control believed that

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