Facts about Christmas and Charles Dickens and Prince Albert


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Charles Dickens full name is?
Charles John Huffam Dickens
The poor law amendment act set up the poor law commission in ?
Charles Dickens had how many siblings?
8 siblings
Charles Dickens was born on?
February 7, 1812
Charles Dickens mother's name is?
Elizabeth Barrow
Charles Dickens had to drop out of school at the age of ?
Charles Dickens died at age?
Charles Dickens was an English writer and a?
Social Critic
For Victorians, holiday decorations usually happens?
Weeks before Christmas
Life improved for them since the introduction of the poor law of?
what year people saw the end of the hulk ships?
Prince Albert married Queen Victoria in what year ?
Prince Albert and Queen Victoria had how many children?
9 children
Prince Albert died of illness in 1861 but what's the month?
Traditional Christmas colors are known as?
red, green and gold.
Christmas trees have been sold in the US since?
Christmas trees grow out at least how many years before they are sold?
15 years
The first printed Christmas reference to a Christmas tree was in?
1531 in Germany
Approximately how many Christmas trees are sold in the US each year?
30-35 million
In what year was the first Christmas postage stamp was issued in the US?
During the Christmas season how sets of Lego are sold every second?
28 sets
Who made the first artificial Christmas trees out of died goose feathers?
The Germans
A traditional crafty ornament Victorians make is well know as what?
Dough Ornaments
Charles Dickens got hit by a what and survived?
A Train
How many years later in the same day he got hit by a train Charles Dickens died.
5 years
Charles Dickens is known for the novel and his classical
"A Christmas Carol"
On what month or what day all of the churches open their alms boxes and distribute the money in them to the poor?
December 26th
Candles are given by who as gifts?
The sending of Christmas cards began in what country by Victorians?
In England
Before what year was there was no one way of providing help to the poor.