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Music Appreciation Final

What is pitch the quality of?
Highness and lowness of sound
What is another name for pitch?
In which language are dynamics generally described?
Which dynamic indication is the softest?
Giving the beat an accent means:
making some of the beats more emphatic than others
Any recurring pattern of strong and weak beats is called a:
Placement of accents away from their normal stresses in meter results in:
Tempo is the term for the:
speed at which beats follow one another
A metronome is:
a device for keeping the beat
Which set of tempo markings is arranged in order from faster to slower?
allegro, moderato, andante
An interval is:
the distance or difference between two pitches
The set of seven pitches used in western music is called a:
diatonic scale
The chromatic scale consists of:
all white and black keys on the piano and is all half steps
A chord that creates a sense of rest can be described as:
A chord that sounds discordant, unstable, or in need of resolution is called:
The principle of organizing music around a central or "home pitch" is called:
Though there are exception, music in minor mode can sometimes be described as________, where as that in major mode can sometimes be described as ___________.
Which shows the correct order from lowest range to highest range in the violin family?
double bass, cello, viola, violin
How is sound produces in a brass instrument?
The player's lips vibrate as air is blown between them into the small cup-shaped mouthpiece.
Which lists the brass family in order from the lowest range to the highest range?
tuba, trombone, french horn, trumpet
Which of these instruments is capable of playing melodies?
Another term for Gregorian chant is:
Who is traditionally associated with collecting and codifying the chants of the church?
Pope Gregory I
The musical term for "voices alone" is:
a cappella
The most convincing and diplomatic composer of Roman Catholic Church music during the Counter-Reformation was:
Josquin Desprez
These refer to the volume (loudness and softness) of sound in a composition or single moment within a composition.
In the Baroque period, rhythm became more:
The term basso continuo refers to:
the bass line and continuous chords of a Baroque composition.
Which 2 instruments would most likely have played in a basso continuo in the Baroque era?
cello and harpsichord
In Baroque music, what is the notational system in which there is a bass line with figures written underneath, that are realized by the basso continuo?
figured bass
Drama set to music is:
Opera provided the perfect vehicle for the Baroque idea of:
expressing the emotions of the individual on emotion at a time.
An aria is:
an extended piece for a solo singer having more musical elaboration and a steadier pulse than recitative.
Which is true of arias?
The singer expresses an emotion in a complete musical piece.
Who are the 3 most important composers of the Baroque period?
Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel
Baroque composers were likely to think of themselves as:
artists, striving for self expression
The 3 main institutions where Baroque composers could make a living were:
the church, the opera house, and the court
In the early 18th century, court musicians had a better sense of new musical trends than church musicians because:
they were required to travel with their employer.
Which instrument family formed the core for the Baroque orchestra?
How many movements does a typical concerto have?
In Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, the harpsichord player:
plays both solos and continuo.
The collection of 48 preludes and fugues in every major and minor key by Bach is called:
The Art of Fugue
The Art of Fugue was written by:
Who composed Julius Caesar?
Who composed Messiah?
What is/are the texture(s) of the Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah?
homophony and polyphony
The text of and opera is called>
The singing style characterized by fast runs and scales, a large pitch range, cadenzas, and virtuosic displays of all sorts is:
Handel's most famous oratorio, which is frequently performed today, is:
A Lutheran organ composition incorporating a hymn tune is called a:
chorale prelude
Bach had
two wives and many children
During Bach's life he worked for
the court and the church
Bach composed for many purposes, but one unifying theme in his work was that he
composed for the glory of God.
Bach's life was characterized by
hard work, often with deadlines to be met
Stradivarius was a very important
violin maker
A person highly trained and gifted at performing an instrument or singing is a
The Classical style developed principally in:
Music during the Enlightenment was meant to:
please and entertain.
The 18th century public concert included principally:
symphonies and concertos
Which new institution supported the development of orchestral music in the 18th century?
the concert hall
The 2 descriptions applicable to most Classical music are:
full of "natural" simplicity and pleasing variety
Which is true of Classical music?
Composers of Classical music worked extensively with dynamics to add variety and flexibility.
Who composed Symphony No. 40 in G minor?
The composer of Symphony No. 95 in C minor is:
The major genre developed by Classical composers is the:
The 1st movement in most classical symphonies is generally:
a moderate or fast movement in sonata form
The second movement in most Classical symphonies is generally:
a slow movement with beautiful, relaxing melodies.
The 3rd movement in most Classical symphonies is generally:
in minuet form and triple meter
The last movement in most Classical symphonies if generally:
the fastest, lightest movement in sonata form or rondo form
While in Vienna, Mozart relied on_____ for income.
opera ticket sales
Haydn's career shows:
a combination of the patronage system and the concert system
"Ho capito" from Don Giovanni is from a(n):
Who composed "Ho capito" from Don Giovanni?
The favorite featured instrument of the classical sonata was the:
How many movements does a Classical sonata generally have?
In the final section of the 1st movement of a classical composition, the soloist performs a solo passage called a :
A string quartet consists of:
2 violins, 1 viola, and 1 cello
Italian comic opera is called:
opera buffa
What is the orchestration of Symphony No. 5 in C minor?
strings only
The Heiligenstadt Testament was:
a letter written by Beethoven expressing his feeling principally about his growing deafness.
From what condition did Beethoven suffer?
Beethoven wrote music in both_____ style and the ______ style.
What European political figure inspired Beethoven to dedicate Eroica Symphony to him (he then removed the dedication)?
Napoleon Bonaparte
With which genre is Beethoven most closely associated?
According to most sources, which characterizes Beethoven's personality?
brusque and strong willed
According to most sources, Beethoven's personal life was;
somewhat chaotic and lonely
Music scholars divide Beethoven's music into ___ distinct style periods
Which is true of the style period of Beethoven?
They progress from Classical to innovative to heroic.
Which composer epitomized the Classical period "enlightenment" composer?
Which composer worked for the Esterhazy family for years?
Based on the DVD of Beethoven's life, he seems
unkempt and messy
Chamber music can be defined as
music for small ensembles in a private performance
The composer most responsible for elevating music to a new level of self-expression to begin the Romantic era was:
Which describes the emotional goal of music in the 19th century?
a search for freedom of individual self-expression, artistic freedom
Increasingly, the focal point for the performance of romantic music was the:
public concert hall
The composer who started a music magazine (The New Music Journal) to defend the music of the Romantics against public indifference was:
The quality most prized by Romantic artists was:
the integrity of the expression of individual feeling
What is chromaticism?
using all twelve notes of the chromatic scale liberally
Romantic treatment of tone color included:
combining and blending different instrumental tone colors in innovative ways with larger orchestras
Compared to the Classical orchestras, the typical Romantic orchestra was:
larger and blended tone colors in new ways.
The important new member of the Romantic orchestra was the:
Music without singing but derived from poem, story, or other literary source, is called:
program music
In composing a Romantic "grandiose" composition, composers created works with;
more movements, longer length and bigger orchestras
Who composed the Erlking?
Erlking is a:
miniature composition
The performing forces of the Erlking are consistent with all German Leid and they are:
one soloist and piano
Who composed the Nocturnes in F sharp?
Who composed the Fantastic symphony?
Fantastic symphony is a:
program symphony
Which is true of the 5th movement of Fantastic symphony?
A plainchant melody, Dies Irae, is hear in the selection
Who had the greatest influence on early Romantic composers?
Which of the other arts had the greatest influence on the early Romantic composers?
The lied is a type of:
miniature Romantic composition
Who was the earliest and known at the greatest master of lied?
In the 19th century, what instrument was the most likely to be composed for and played as a solo instrument?
Chopin was most noted for composing:
Character pieces for piano
The composer____ is generally regarded as the most flamboyant pianist and greatest virtuosos of the romantic era.
Franz Liszt
Which is true of program music?
It refers to some non-musical idea such as a poetic or literary work
The Fantastic Symphony includes
fixed idea
Who composed Aida?
Aida is an:
Who composed the Valkyrie?
Richard Wagner
Who composed Romeo and Juliet
Who composed Pictures of an Exhibition?
An orchestral work composed later in the Romantic period in one movement with a free form and with a program is called
program symphony
Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and Sleeping Beauty are all ballets composed by
Pictures at an exhibition is considered:
program music
Which 2 composers were known for their large orchestras and great orchestration?
Mahler and Berlioz
In Berlioz, Symphony Fantastique, what family of instruments did we hear that we had not heard before much?