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A group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization. if one business fails, the other business would prop them up
modern republicanism
created by Eisenhower, liberal in domestic affairs, but conservative in global affairs
southern christian leadership conference
-most of the population is christian;
-created in 1957 to become a civil rights organization led by Martin Luther King Jr.; -practiced nonviolent protests;
-Helped African Americans in the South because most other organizations were dominated by north easterners;
- interracial;
-hated because of religion;
-gets the media to get involved to turn America against the police
congress of racial equality
desegregation of Chicago Public Schools; Freedom rides, where blacks were met with extreme violence;
leader was James Farmer;
They are interracial and nonviolent
student nonviolent coordinating committee
played a major role in many protests; started from a student meeting in Shaw University from Ella Baker; people in the North raised money for people in the South; Ella Baker and Robert Moses
SNCC Ella Baker
Ella Baker and Robert Moses; made of college students; sit ins and segregated restaurants, Freedom Rides; interracial
SNCC Stokely Carmichael
SNCC now turns violent; racial- only African Americans; now armed with guns, so they're violent; creates black power which is equivalent to white power; reverse racism- hates white people
de jure segregation
separation enforced by law ( Plessy v. Ferguson)
de facto segregation
seperation enforced by society
Racial segregation that occurs in schools, not as a result of the law, but as a result of patterns of residential settlement
Nation of Islam
Preached black separation and self help;
Elijah Muhammad is the leader of the Nation of Islam;
Muhammad preached that the enemy of the NOI is white society;
Black Nationalism: a belief in the separate identity and racial unity of the African American community
Black Muslims
black power
equivalent of white power (reverse racism)
-A slogan used to reflect solidarity and racial consciousness, used by Malcolm X. It meant that equality could not be given, but had to be seized by a powerful, organized Black community.
Provided hospital care and low-cost medical insurance for Americans 65+( Great Society)
Provided low-cost health insurance for poor Americans of any age who could not afford their own private health insurance (Great Society)
the beatles
talk about drugs in their songs, "British Invasion"
miranda rule
only allows statements from interrogation as evidence if the suspect was first informed of their right to an attorney.
- people whose origins come from a Spanish-speaking country;
-Chicano Movement--- Mexican Americans;
-March 1968- 10,000 students walked out of school in L.A. Demanded culturally sensitive courses, better facilities, and Latino teachers and counselors;
-Cesar Chavez- leader of migrant workers. These workers traveled to provide work. Poorly paid, back-breaking work. Organized the United Farm Workers. 1965 Union was 1,700 members.;
-Formation of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund.
Betty Frieden
National Organization for Women
talented writer, graduated from Smith College, Master's Degree from Berkeley
freelance writer until 1949 - became a housewife adhering to society's expectations
interviewed multiple women late 1950's and early 1960's most were housewives many unhappy with their lives
result of interviews were published in The Feminine Mystique inspired debates Friedan began writing and speaking on women's rights issues
Gloria Steinem
started Ms. Magazine
feminist one of leading advocates to push women to register for the draft, bff's with Betty Frieden
What goes up after World War 2 with the military industrial complex, bombed auto industry competition in the war, more people got employed from dead people's jobs, France and Britain have to come to us for help to rebuild our countries?
Malcolm X
believed races should be separate, Black Muslim, NOI, Muslim Mosque
Silent Spring
exposed harmful use of chemicals like DDT
Rachel Carson, attacks republicans
franchise system
chain organization
reduced the size of electronic appliances
women in 50s
-hate their lives, take anti-depressants,
-first-time frozen TV dinners and microwaves
-more women than ever before held paying jobs, women working outside the home rose from 24 to 31 %, expected to be full-time homemakers
Taft-Hartley Act
restricts power of labor unions
precursor to hippies Jack Kerouac (goths)
How did TV helped GNP growth with commercials?
safer/easier - came to the widespread community, furthered by research in ww2
replaced unique stores, helped spur economic growth with advertisements
Truman's Fair Deal
extension of the new deal, Congress is mostly republican, nothing gets passed
atomic energy
electric power-radioactivity could go into the air
cheap, efficient,
harmful and deadly
credit cards
gave people money that they didn't have, got into debt, more money spent on products
entitled, money makers
What were Men in the 1950s like?
Rock n roll
young people got new style from this type of music, rebellious
Birmingham, Alabama
brutality here against blacks prompted JFK to propose a strong civil rights bill,
known as most racist city
cut funding, sends in federal troops
What does JFK do in Ole Miss?
Who ends segregation in the military?
civil rights movement
MLK and Malcolm X and others tried to give African Americans more rights and freedom from segregation
freedom rider
who were the ones who rode buses through the south to show that the acts the president were making weren't being enforced?
-----start at Washington and try to get down to new Orleans,
- see if south is following the law,
- South destroys the bus
March on Washington
marching because of the voting rights act and civil rights act, highlight is MLK's "I have a Dream" speech
Black Panthers
Bobby Seal and Hughy Newton, African American version of KKK
Who works with NASA? competing wit the USSR in space travel, he who runs space, rules the world
Brown v. Board of Education
ended "separate but equal" doctrine, all public schools must be integrated
Letter from Birmingham Jail
written by MLK when he went to prison
addressing other religious leaders,
calling them hypocrites for not preaching that everyone is equal in gods eyes
Little Rock Nine
What school does Eisenhower integrate with the Arkansas National Guard?
Where do the freedom riders get bombed?
voting rights
Goal of Selma March?
When did MLK - James Earl Ray Bobby shot by Sir aut sir aunt get assasinated?
concert for the counterculture, on someones farm in new york, drugs/alcohol
American Indian Movement
The goal of what movement was to get civil rights for Native Americans? Goal is self-governence. American Indian terrorist group.
New Frontier
by JFK, addressed the economy, space program, taxes and poverty but not the environment or empower big businesses
warren court
focused on protecting constitutional rights of citizens accused of crimes- evidence seized illegally could not be used in the trial, important decisions protect rights of citizens accused of crimes
-persons rights are just as important as the majorities rights
JFK and Nixon debates
-Kennedy calm under pressure while Nixon was sweating because he refused to wear makeup.
- Most ladies voted for him because he was good-looking,
- Minorities like him because he is democrat
- first to air on TV,
-have to be able to be on television to be president
great society
added more to the new frontier, medicar, medicaid, tax cuts, helped the minorities and poor, increased federal spending on education, lifted immigration quotas.
theory that men and women are politically, socially, and economically equal
- Betty Friedan is mother of feminism
start of the space race between US and Russia, first aircraft in space
National Urban League
advocates on behalf of African Americans to get equality in the US;
oldest and largest community-based organization of all time;
March on Washington;
Whitney Young is the leader;
helped African American get jobs and houses in Northern cities
people hesitant to elect him because he was so young and had little experience, 1961-1963, Democrat, youngest president to be elected and first Roman Catholic
James Meredith
advanced cause of civil rights when he tried to enroll in Ole Miss
-civil rights advocate who spurred a riot at the University of Mississippi. The riot was caused by angry whites who did not want Meredith to register at the university. The result was forced government action, showing that segregation was no longer government policy.
Baker v. Carr
-One man one vote
-Trying to stop South of rigging voting
Roe v. Wade
abortion, Roe won and abortion was legal
James Baldwin
warned Americans that blacks are angry and tired of promises
20th C. African American novelist, playwright, civil rights activist.
President Lyndon B. Johnson
Great Society
Montgomery Bus Boycott
In 1955, after Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a city bus, Dr. Martin L. King led a boycott of city busses. After 11 months the Supreme Court ruled that segregation of public transportation was illegal.
Environmental Protection Agency
activist spurred gov. to create it, gov. attempted to balance jobs and environment in Alaska

an independent federal agency established to coordinate programs aimed at reducing pollution and protecting the environment
Ralph Nader
an attorney known for his work in championing consumer rights.
Nader drew attention to the hazards of automobiles, charging that the automobile industry failed to correct safety problems in their products. In response, Congress passed the Motor Vehicle Safety Act in 1966.

wrote "Unsafe at Any Speed" (1960s) that helped to create the modern consumer movement.

Fuels the consumer movement,
-businesses are responsible for the products they sell
Rachel Carson
United States biologist remembered for her opposition to the use of pesticides that were hazardous to wildlife (1907-1964)
wrote Silent Spring
Earth Day
On April 22, 1970, Americans celebrated the first Earth Day, an annual observance to increase awareness of environmental issues.
La Raza Unida
A party organized in the late 1960s as a means of getting Mexican Americans to unite politically and to identify ethnically as one people.
Japanese American Citizens League
Pushed the government to compensate those sent to the camps for their lost property.
white collar jobs
business expansion after the war
How did President Kennedy's policies on civil rights change between 1961 and 1963? What caused this change?
In the beginning he wanted the Southern democratic vote, so he didn't talk a lot about civil rights. Once he is elected, he begins to support civil rights.
What were the major aims of the feminist movement and the National Organization for Women (NOW)?
Major goals were equal rights between the genders, including in the workplace. Another goal was abortion rights, and birth control. Another goal was Title 9. We also go after the equal rights amendment, which never has passed.
Goal of AIM
Goal is self-governence. American Indian terrorist group.
Economy after WW2
Economy booms

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