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  1. cyst
  2. excision
  3. inflammatory response
  4. bandage
  5. secondary intention
  1. a first stage of wound healing last 3 or 4 days.
  2. b an enlargement of tissue often caused by an oil duct in the body becoming clogged.
  3. c cutting out.
  4. d a wound that heals by granulation.
  5. e a non-sterile material that is applied over the dressing to hold it in place.

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  1. instrument used to scrape.
  2. skin edges of a wound or surgical incision that have been brought together
  3. to tie off so that it does not bleed.
  4. filling in will granulated tissue instead of the original type of tissue.
  5. localized collection of pus

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  1. lacerationan irregularity on the skin such as a mole or a skin tag.


  2. soundan instrument used to measure a wound the depth of the wound or body cavity.


  3. retractorhaving an opening or whole.


  4. tertiary intentionkeeping a large wound open until the wound is clean, and suturing it.


  5. debridementthird phase of wound healing.