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  1. forceps
  2. probe
  3. laceration
  4. inflammatory response
  5. secondary intention
  1. a a tool used for grasping, pulling, compressing, or holding tissue or other instruments and supplies during surgery.
  2. b feel around inside an incision or measure the depth of a cavity before proceeding.
  3. c a wound that heals by granulation.
  4. d first stage of wound healing last 3 or 4 days.
  5. e a cut or tear of the skin.

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  1. examination of tissue under a microscope to determine if cancerous cells are present.
  2. agreement to a medical test or procedure based on understanding of the procedure and its possible consequences and effects.
  3. instrument used to scrape.
  4. to tie off so that it does not bleed.
  5. tissue that separates from healthy tissue.

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  1. hemostasishaving an opening or whole.


  2. incisiona cut in the skin made by a scalpel, knife, or other straight sharp edge.


  3. approximatedskin edges of a wound or surgical incision that have been brought together


  4. proliferationsecond face of wound healing last 5 to 20 days.


  5. tertiary intentiona wound in which the edges are approximated during the healing process.