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  1. sound
  2. tertiary intention
  3. suture
  4. ligate
  5. granulation
  1. a keeping a large wound open until the wound is clean, and suturing it.
  2. b surgical stitches used to close a surgical incision or repair a laceration.
  3. c filling in will granulated tissue instead of the original type of tissue.
  4. d an instrument used to measure a wound the depth of the wound or body cavity.
  5. e to tie off so that it does not bleed.

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  1. tissue that separates from healthy tissue.
  2. third phase of wound healing.
  3. localized collection of pus
  4. instrument used to scrape.
  5. examination of tissue under a microscope to determine if cancerous cells are present.

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  1. hemostasislocalized collection of pus


  2. secondary intentiona wound that heals by granulation.


  3. excisioncutting out.


  4. forcepsa tool used for grasping, pulling, compressing, or holding tissue or other instruments and supplies during surgery.


  5. lacerationa cut or tear of the skin.