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The title says it all... >_> Right from the glossary. And, if any, sorry about the typos.

Ferdinand of aragon/ Isabella of Castile

Monarch of largest Christian kingdoms in Iberia; marriage with Isabella created a united Spain.


Grants of indian laborers made to Spanish conquerors and settlers in Mesoamerica and South America


First island in Carribean settled by Spaniards; settlement founded by Columbus on second voyage to the New World.

Bartlome de las casas

16th-century Spanish Dominican priest, writer and the first resident Bishop of Chiapas.

Hernan cortez

Led expedition of 600 to coast of mexico in 1519; conquistador responsible for the defeat of Aztec Empire.

Moctezuma II

Last independent Aztec Emperor; killed during Hernand Cortez's conquest of Tenochitlan.

Mexico City

Capital of New Spain; Built on ruins of Aztec Capital of Tenochitlan.

New Spain

Spanish colonial possesions in Mesoamerica; included most of central Mexico; based on imperial system of Aztecs.

Francisco Pizzaro

Led conquest of Inca Empire of Peru beginning in 1535; by 1540, most of Inca psessions fell to spanish.

Francisco Vazquez de Coronado

Leader of Spanish expedition into Northern frontier region of New Spain; entered what is now the United States in search of the mythical cities of gold.

Pedro de Valdivia

Spanish Conquistador; conquered Araucanian indians of Chile and established city of Santiago in 1541.


Labor extracted for lands assigned to the state and the religion; all communities were expected to contribute.

Columbian Exchange

Biological/ecological exchange that took place following Spanish establishment of colonies in New World.


Mine located in upper peru; largest of new world silver mines.


Location of largest deposit of mercury in South America; aided in American silver production.


Rural estates in Spanish colonies in New world; produced agricultural products for consumors in America.

Casa de Contratacion

Spanish board of trade operated out of seville; regularized commerce with the new world.


Merchant guild of Seville; enjoyed virtual monopoly rights over goods shipped to america; handeled most of the silver received in return.


Large, heavily armored ships used to carry silver from new world colonies to Spain;

Treaty of Tordesillas

Signed in 1494 between Castile and Portugal; Clarified spheres of influence and rights of possesion in New World.


Body of laws collected in 1681 for spanish possesions in new world.

Council of the Indies

Body within the castilian govt. that issued all laws and advised king on matters dealing with the spanish colonies in the new world.


University trained lawyers from spain in the new world; juridicial core of spanish colonial beuracracy.

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Mexican Poet and writer; talents won recognition

Minas Gerais

mountainous region where gold strikes took place; means "general mines".

Sociedad de Castas

American social system based on racial origins; europeans/white on top, mixed races in the middle, and Black slaves/indians at the bottom. (>_< not cool....)


Whites born in the New World; dominated local latin american economies

War of the Spanish Succesion

Resulted from Bourbon family's succesion to spanish throne in 1701.

Charles III

Spanish Enlightened monarch; ruled from 1759-1788.

Jose de Galvez

Spanish ministor of the indies; chief architect of colonial reform.

Comunero Revolt

One of popular revolts against spanish colonial rule in New Granada.

Tupac Amaru

Mestizo leader of indian revolt of peru; supported by many lower classes; revolt eventually failed.

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