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César Chavéz

Leader of the migrant farm workers union that formed in the 60's and 70's to improve the wages and conditions these workers were receiving.

Peace corp

group begun by JFK that was composed of volunteers who went to under developed nations and tried to help the people there improve their lives.


name given to members of the counter culture movement of the 1960's & 1970's. they often objected to societal norms and experimented with communal living and hallucinogenic drugs


name for the famed invasion of Normandy France on June 6, 1944 as Allied troops stormed the beaches to begin the attack on Hitler from the western front

manhattan project

secret gov't project that led to the construction of the atomic bomb.


name of the south vietnamese communist fighters who were our opponents in the vietnam war

new frontier

name given to the JFK administration policies that challenged the nation to move into the future. Containment, civil rights and space exploration were some of the goals of the program

brown v. board of education

Supreme court case where the court ruled that segregation is no longer acceptable. decision was made in a school desegregation case in 1954

iron curtain

Name given by Winston Churchill to the areas of Europe that were now under the control of the USSR

38th parallel

this line represented the division of the North and South Korea. This is the area where the Korean War began and ended as neither side gained any measurable land.


name of the period in the south before the civil war

upton sinclair

wrote a book called the "jungle" to call attention to the lives of immigrants. the book brought attention to the horrible conditions found in the nation's food industry

social security

new deal program that created a safety net for the elderly and the young. this is the single largest program operated by our govt of today

george wallace

governor of alabama who stood in the doorway of the university of alabama to protest its order to integrate. he later ran for president on a platform of continued segregation

rosa parks

montgomery lady who signals the beginning of the civil rights movement when she refuses to give up a seat on a segregated bus.

league of nations

name of the world peace keeping organization proposed by president woodrow wilson

teapot dome scandal

scandal in the harding administration where govt lands containing oil reserves were leased at a very low price to oil companies for a kickback payments to certain officials.


the is the name given to the women of the 1920's. she is carefree, wears different styles of clothing and is much less conservative than the victorian age women before her

the grange

farmers organization that began as a social group but evolved into a political group. was eventually replaced by the larger populism party. the group os also known as the patrons of husbandry


period in the south after the civil war


the 18th amendment to the constitution bans the manufacturing, sale, and consumption of alcohol

dayton accords

peace agreement brokered by the clinton administration...aim was to bring peace to Bosnia where the serbians were engaged in ethnic cleansing


name given to the investigative journalists of the progressive era who tried to show the corruption and greed that was affecting the nation

big stick diplomacy

name given to the sometimes rough but always effective politics of Theodore Roosevelt. he used this type of politics to battle trusts, establish national parks, and build the panama canal


new foreign policy of the U.S. beginning in the late 1800's where we are seeking to establish colonies in different parts of the world

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