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Communication Vocabulary


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(n)/(v) informal talk or stories about other people's private lives, that may be unkind or not true
to apologise to someone
say sorry
to have a chat with someone
to talk informally with people
to boast about something
(verb) to speak too proudly or happily about what you have done or what you own
to argue or have an argument with somebody
to disagree about something
to warn somebody about something
advise somebody to be careful about a dangerous or difficult situation
to compliment someone
(v) to tell sb that you like or admire sth they have done, their appearance, etc.
to moan about something
to go on and on
(v) continue talking for a long time without stopping - very boring!
to get hold of
to contact someone
don't get it
don't understand
to get in touch with somebody
contact someone
to stay in touch with someone
maintain contact/friendship over a period of time

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