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provided it lands in the opponent's court, a serve MAY/ MAY NOT contact the net (volleyball)
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a batted ball that bounces over the fence is a ________. does it matter what bounce it is on?? (softball)ground ruled double; noa baserunner must ____________ a defensive player trying to field a ball. does it matter in the fielder is in the base line or not? (softball)avoid; noa player CAN/ CANNOT guide the puck into the net w his foot (hockey)CANNOTin our class, a high stick is called if ________________ (hockey)the blade of the stick is above the waista minor penalty in hockey is __________ minutes in the penalty box2a major penalty in hockey is _______________ minutes in the penalty boxa minimum of 5a player MAY/ MAY NOT use his hands to control the puck. can he close his hand on it? can he pass or score a goal w his hands? (hockey)MAY; no ; nogames start with a ____________ (hockey )face-offtrue or false: all players are eligible to receive a pass in flag footballtrueare there fumbles in flag football?nowhat happens if a ball is "fumbled" in flag football?it is ruled dead on the spoteach play must start with a __________________ (flag football)a snap from centerthe snap to start can either be a ________ or __________ (flag football)direct snap or lateral (shotgun) snapwhat do you do if a player's flags inadvertently come off during a play? (flag football)the player becomes 2-hand touchtrue or false: flag football is a contact sportfalse; it is a NO- contact sportis screen blocking permitted in flag football? can the offensive player use his hands to further block?yes; nowhat does a defensive player do if caught in a screen? can he use his hands?? (flag football)avoid contact and go around the blocker; noonce a player stops his dribble, he has ________ seconds to pass or shoot the ball (team handball)3can a player land in the goalie box after a shot? if so, what are the restrictions?? (handball)yes, provided his feet were outside the line at the time of the shottrue/ false: a player may dribble the ball as long as he wants (handball)truewho is allowed in the goalie box?? (handball)no players, offensive or defensive, except the goalieplay begins with __________ (soccer)a kickoff from midfielda player cannot be past_____________ when the ball has passed, or off-sides is called. (Soccer)the last defendercan players use their hands? what if it is inadvertent? are there any exceptions?? (soccer)no; still no; the goaliewhat happens if a handball is called in the goalie box? (soccer)a penalty kickwhat does a yellow card mean in soccera warningwhat does a red card mean in socceran ejectionthe game is begun with a __________- (basketball)jump-ballon a 3 point shot, the shooter's feet must be behind ________________ at the time of the shot (basketball)the 3 point lineif a player is fouled while taking a 3 point shot, he is awarded _______ foul shots (basketball)3a __________ is called when an offensive player is in the lane without the ball for 3 seconds, and the ball is _______________. (basketball)"3 second violation"; turned over to the opposing teamcan a player kick a ball? what if it is inadvertent?? (basketball)no; still nohow is a goal scored? ( ultimate frisbee)catching the frisbee inside the endzonewhen does the opposing team gain possession of the frisbee? (ultimate frisbee)after an incomplete passhow far must a defender be from the player in possession of the frisbee?? (ultimate frisbee)a frisbee length awayafter a catch, a player is allowed a__________ (ultimate frisbee)momentum stepmay a player run w the frisbee? (ultimate frisbee)NOa player has _______________ seconds to pass the frisbee once he has possession (ultimate frisbee)10