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The American Psychology Law Society was established in the 1850s. T or F
CT and NY
Which of the following states are part of the Second Court of Appeals
difficult but important.
Differences in goals, methods, and styles of inquiry made the relationship between psychology and law:
A robbery suspect is apprehended and being read his Miranda rights by the police woman arresting him. The suspect is most likely to _____ his Miranda rights.
Shane was involved in a highly charged court case. His job was to provide an overview of research to assist the jury in making a well-informed decision regarding the suspect, in particular, in regard to the suspect's confession. Shane was called in to serve in what capacity?
Expert witness.
Jeremy purposely confessed to a crime he did not commit to cover for his wife. This type of confession is referred to as an:
voluntary false confession.
According to research completed by Bond and DePaulo (2006), people's ability to distinguish lies has a _____ rate of accuracy, and efforts to improve people's ability to discern lies have _____.
barely above chance; not been very successful
According to the text, the "_____ hypothesis" posits that human intelligence was accelerated by the need for humans to develop social skills related to manipulation, pretense, and deception.
Machiavellian intelligence
Consider the following interrogation scenario: Tom Jones is being interrogated for the murder of his girlfriend. The

police officer conducting the interrogation screams the following at Tom: "I am 100% sure that you committed this

crime. We found your fingerprints on the knife. This is first degree murder unless you confess and explain what

happened right now." In actuality, the police have no fingerprint evidence. How would you best characterize the

"scare tactic" interrogation techniques being used by the police officer?
maximization techniques
Research in the field of social psychology has discovered that people tend to _____ the impact of situational forces, and this process is responsible for believing that suspects in police custody would _____ to the crime they did not commit.
disregard; not confess
Susan is studying developmental psychology, but is also interested in law. What might she be called upon to testify about if called into court?
the impact of long-term exposure to violence on television on children
The basis of the adversarial system in law is that:
truth will emerge as a result of contest between opposing sides.
Certain characteristics of the defendant are often considered by jurors. For example, Phillip is a known thug and gang member. He was on trial for the death of a priest that he ran over while evading police. In this case, it is likely that Phillip will receive a verdict that would be _____ if he had killed a fellow gang member.
more harsh than
Interestingly, research shows that, when mock jurors understand the instructions, there is no difference in the rate of death penalty recommendations based on race or ethnicity. However, when jurors do not fully comprehend the instructions, there is a clear bias against:
Black defendants
April displays conventional values, with relatively inflexible viewpoints, generally identifying with authority figures and finding weakness to be intolerable. One might consider her personality to be that of
being authoritarian.
In the construction of memory, it is not uncommon to find that distortion may take place as we try to retrieve that memory. The following is NOT TRUE about this process:
Various sounds encoded when processing a memory are easy to retrieve.
The best predictor of what the verdict will be is the __________________ of relevant evidence
The Sixth and Seventh Amendments guarantee the right to a trial by jury in criminal and civil cases. The jury is supposed to be:
an impartial group representing community values.
Aisha has been going through an emotionally tough time after the separation from her long-term partner, and her psychotherapist suggested some hypnotic sessions. During these sessions, Aisha has started vaguely recalling being fondled by her father as a baby while he was giving her baths. Memories of this type are referred to as:
recovered memories.
Among the traits noted as being associated with jurors' verdicts is how people tend to explain what happens to them, or how they answer the question: Are you mostly responsible for what happens to you? This trait is referred to as:
locus of control.
Mc Cleskey case
• Black man killed white cop in Georgia
• Present stats to show how minorities were target by dp
• And that dp would be discriminatory and cruel
• 5-4 decision court agrees there is a discriminatory pattern but that there was no discriminatory pattern in this case
• criticism
o you can use patterns as proof
o impossible standard
that's assuming people are blunt with their discrimination
Lockhart case
• apa brief on dq
o the SC dismissed all studies but 1
o said even f it was true it doesn't matter
o example of social science being disregarded
If a district attorney uses every one of his or her peremptory challenges to strike Blacks from the jury, the attorney must justify this action to the judge by showing the judge each choice was not solely based on the race of the prospective juror. This action is needed as a result of what Supreme Court decision?
Batson v Kentucky
The _____ hypothesis predicts that, when the characteristics of jurors and the defendant are similar enough, it might influence verdicts.
Cognitive dissonance may best be described as:
an uncomfortable feeling when someone has conflicting thoughts.
Jeremy has worked in a prison for 15 years and has been called to jury duty. He is to serve on a criminal case involving the shooting of a guard during a prison riot. Based on the definition of challenge for cause, Jeremy would be:
an unlikely juror.
Nicole is an attorney handling a high-profile case. Much rests with the decision of the jury in terms of damages that may be required of the defendant to pay. To help in the process, she decides to pull together a group that matches the demographics of the actual jury. The group is known as: ( this might be one of the questions on the final)
a shadow jury.
The Manson criteria, emphasized by courts, consist of five factors to be taken into account when evaluating eyewitness identification accuracy. The following factor was clearly disproven by research:
the level of confidence the witness is exhibiting about his or her memory of the event.
Cognizable refers to potential jurors being:
acknowledged as sharing a particular characteristic setting them apart from other jurors.
Imagine you are a psychologists interested in studying whether eyewitness' level of stress later affects the reliability of eyewitness identification. The witness' level of stress is considered a(n)
estimator variable.
Individuals often _____ the duration of a brief event, especially if it is a(n) _____ event.
overestimate; stressful
Constitutional challenges regarding the death penalty have taken place in many states. In Furman v. Georgia, the Supreme Court ruled that capital punishment was unconstitutional. Although the decision handed down did not _____ the death penalty, it _____ how it was carried it out.
abolish; modified
Suppose you were an eyewitness to a robbery. While being questioned at the scene of the crime, the police inform you that they have picked up a suspect. They ride the suspect by you in a police car, and they ask you whether the suspect was the perpetrator. You have just participated in
a show-up