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  1. Where did workers typically work and what were the conditions of workers?
  2. Who was a famous person who supported better conditions for workers?
  3. Who invented the reaper?
  4. What was utopian socialism and what were its four stages?
  5. What is Capitalism?
  1. a John Stuart Mill
  2. b Cyric McCormick and his slave (1840s)
  3. c An economic, social system. Individuals control means of production. Characterized by private business
  4. d Communism. Revolution. Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Socialism. PURE Communism.
  5. e Factories (where there were supervisors present). Low wages, 14 hours/day, 6 days/week, abuse, child labour.

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  1. (1825) things were shipped throughout the US and Europe at a much faster rate.
  2. Sewing Machine
  3. The cotton gin
  4. John Deere
  5. Land, labour, capital, and entrepreneurship

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  1. How did the use of machinery in industry impact workers?Reduced the number of workers from (for example) 5 to 1.


  2. Who invented the telegraph?Robert Fulton (1807)


  3. For the purpose of communication between the US and Europe, what was placed in the Atlantic?Transatlantic cable (1866)


  4. Who invented the seed drill?John Deere


  5. Who invented the steamboat?Robert Fulton (1807)