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  1. Who was the father of modern sky-scrappers and Wainwright Building in St. Louis?
  2. What were the most important inventions of the Communication Revolution?
  3. What rose in urban areas (besides population)?
  4. What was the 'breakthrough' invention?
  5. What natural resources were vital to the Construction Revolution?
  1. a Sky-scrappers
  2. b Improved Steam Engine (1769). Invented by James Watt. Water for steam, heated by coal to power it.
  3. c Telegraph (1832), Telephone (1876)
  4. d Louis Sullivan
  5. e Coal and iron and steel

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  1. John Stuart Mill
  2. Home Insurance Building (Chicago) AND/OR Equitable Life Building (NYC)
  3. Transatlantic cable (1866)
  4. Factories (where there were supervisors present). Low wages, 14 hours/day, 6 days/week, abuse, child labour.
  5. Reduced the number of workers from (for example) 5 to 1.

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  1. What were the attributes of Romanticism?Artistic, literary, intellectual. Allowed ppl to escape from modern realities.


  2. Who invented the seed drill?John Deere


  3. What was the Malthusian Theory (1798)?Land, labour, capital, and entrepreneurship


  4. Who invented the telegraph?Samuel Morse (1832)


  5. What was the invention that was important to the Textile Industry? May be considered THE most important one.Sewing Machine