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Lessons 1 and 2

What are the three states of matter?

solid, liquid, gas

Anything with mass and volume is called . . .


What would cause the mass of an object to change?

adding or subtracting matter from the object

What tool do scienctists use to measure the mass of two objects?


What determines if an object will sink or float in water?

its density

What can you use to compare and measure the volume of two solid boxes?

metric ruler

Describe the particles that make up a solid piece of matter.

particles are closely packed together

When water is heated to its boiling point what happens to the particles of matter in the liquid

they move father apart and faster

The amount of matter in an object is the property of . . .


How would you find the volume of an irregular shaped object?

graduated cylinder and the amount of water displaced

Comparing the mass to volume of an object is the property of. . .


The measure of the pull of gravity on mass is . . .


How do you calculate the volume of a box?

V = L X W X H

The amount of space matter takes up is the property of . . .


What tool do you use to measure mass?

pan balance

List some properties of matter

size, shape, state, mass, density, color, magnetic, smell, taste

What tool do you use to measure the volume of a liquid?

graduated cylinder

What is the name of the tiny particles that make up all matter?


Anything that has mass and takes up space is . . .


Which state of matter has atoms close together?


Which state of matter takes the shape of the container?


Which state of matter has atoms far apart and fills all available space?


What type of matter can exist in all three states?


Why does an ice cube float in water?

Water as a solid is less dense than water as a liquid

What unit of metric measurement is used to measure mass?


What unit of metric measurement is used when measuring a liquid?


All living and nonliving things are made up of . . .


All matter is made up of tiny particles called . . .


Scientists classify matter by their states which are . . .

solid, liquid, gas

Has closely packed particles in fixed positions


Has particles that move quickly and are far apart


Has particles not as closely packed together that slide past one another


Has a definite shape that does not change


Does not have a definite shape but fits the shape of the container it is in.


Always expands to fill whatever space is available.


What substance do you know as a solid, a liquid, and a gas?


Why do you weigh more on Earth than on the moon?


The measure of the amount of matter in an object is called . . .


What scientific tool do scientists use to measure mass?


Does mass always stay the same wherever you go?


Mass does not change because it is the measure of the mount of __________ in an object.


When you take a deep breath, the increase in your lungs is . . .


Since liquids have no definite shape, scientists measure liquids with a . . .

graduated cylinder

The amount of mass in a certain volume of matter is a property called . . .


An object's density determines whether it will __________ or __________ in a liquid.

sink or float

Substances with greater density are at the top or bottom?


Why do life jackets keep you afloat in water?

filled with a material less dense than water

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